Oluwo: A King From The Womb | By Alli Ibraheem

Oluwo: A King From The Womb | By Ibraheem Alli

Today, Thursday, 19th May 2022, marks exactly 9th year the well-read book “The Accidental Public Servant” authored by the Governor of Kaduna State, Mallam Nasir El Rufai, was released. Though, I’ve not read the book but only peruse a review. That is not my interest for now because most politicians write to sell and market themselves for the next political season.

As against his message in the book, Oluwo has a completely different story. He was never an accidental servant. He was a king from the womb. The few who have seen beyond the nose treated him as such.

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Even, when it was the 8th day to name him Adewale, it was a natural circumstantial coincidence. He has been a rallying point since his tender age. Only a few deep treat the deep deeply. While he was young, even within his kinship, many treated him with disdain while few accorded him the Royal Accolades. Only the deep can call to the deep.

The conventional practice of group photograph is to place the most influential in the middle. It simply implies centre as an authority and a rallying point. Where interest divides, people fight for the centre but no one has ever jostled for that with Oluwo. Those who tried it were consumed by the attempts.

Oluwo: A King From The Womb | By Ibraheem Alli

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At every gathering, amongst the elders, they positioned him in middle and rallied him. Neither his brother nor friend jostled for the centre with him. It was always exclusively reserved for him.

As indicated in the above picture, taken over 46years ago at a birthday get-together. Oluwo then Prince Adewale Akanbi, except the celebrant, was the youngest of the attendees. His biological brother, Prince Leke Akanbi, was equally there. They counted four each at both sides and positioned Prince Adewale Akanbi now Oluwo at the centre. That was the usual way of treating him then. He has been king from the womb. The deep has known him as King when he was in the womb, January 16th, 2016 was just the official unveiling.

He has a unique beginning so also is his administrative approach.

Oluwo: A King From The Womb | By Ibraheem Alli

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