The 3 Principal Don’ts of Oluwo | By Ibraheem Alli

The 3 Principal Don'ts of Oluwo By Ibraheem Alli

As a child, you should get to know about your father even at 4-6 years. The same thing goes with a responsible father. I’m also a father. I can tell of my children most especially the first child. He bears the same name as Oluwo, Abdulrosheed. One of his weaknesses is, that he rarely eats solid food but drinks tea, juice, water, etc. I mean he is a chocaholic. I know him with his Dos and Don’ts.

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My more than five years of official interaction with His Majesty, the Oluwo of Iwoland, have given me an insight into his modulus Operandi, his policies, principles and aspirations distinguishing him, such that the conservatives tagged him controversially.

For the purpose of this article, I will concentrate on his “Don’ts“. Principally, they are three.

1- God told him not to bow to any idols.

First, God told him not to bow to any idols. Oluwo has been an unrepentant promoter of pure, unadulterated monarchy devoid of either deitism or idolism. He is of the opinion that, the foundation led by the founding father of Yoruba and pure monarchy, Oduduwa, should be respected.

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Aside, he opined that Only God is the king, and the earthly kings should never promote the rivals (deities) of the real King. The other object some people bow for aside from God is deity, competing with the real God. Oluwo affirmed such must not be in the house of God.

I’m not the real King. Only God is King. I’m just His representative on earth. When people bow to greet me as Kabiesi, I return the greetings back to the real King, they bow for God, not me. So, in my palace, you can’t bow for God and still bow for deity. I only worship God, nothing else

2- Oluwo equally has the instruction not to sell land.

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Moreso, Oluwo equally has the instruction not to sell land. I read it frequently on social media of people throwing banters in expressing their displeasure over land grabbing by their kings. You may be indifferent to Oluwo but not to the land grabbing allegation.

I know of monarchs who are regular customers and visitors to courts facing land-grabbing litigations. Oluwo is never one. He has not sold even half a plot since enthronement. Though, an Oba has traditional authority over his domain, including the land. The gift is an asset for material gain. A visionary leading monarch protects it for surviving and future generations.

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In his usual preachings noted his cloth is the land. He stated the land is the property of his children which he uses to cover his body. He opined only poverty can make him sell his cloth (land).

The 3 Principal Don'ts of Oluwo | By Ibraheem Alli

And fortunately, if you are a pure monarch leading right, poverty can never knock on your door nor will it be your guest. I have announced that Iwo indigenes must not sell their land. If I notice one, I halt it. I enjoined leasing for the interest of their children.

He said the future of Iwo is great and assured land-owners to exercise caution and avoid unreasonable selling of land for peanuts.

3- God instructs him not to take revenge on anybody.

The last of the three principal ways is that God instructs him not to take revenge on anybody. Despite several stones, Oluwo is getting stronger. The more the stones, the higher his strength. When people offend him, he expresses it with an open mind. When he forgives, he equally forgets. He didn’t take revenge. He gives that to nature.

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This last instruction has generated controversy and few say Oluwo is temperamental. People of his nature are the best. They keep no malice and express their grievances to have a free, flow, and fair mind. Once they felt offended, they let you know and forget in a jiffy. I think this attribute of Oluwo is un-Nigerian. But he is unrepentant.

These three guiding dictates earn him the respect and adoration he enjoins from his subjects.


I am not saying Oluwo is perfect. The beautiful ones are not yet born. But kabiesi is a definition of that modern monarchy that endears current and incoming generations.

The 3 Principal Don'ts of Oluwo By Ibraheem Alli

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