Inspector Ikuesan and Constable Abass Will Be Arraigned in Court Despite Dismissal

The story of two policemen who took a turn in beating a woman in Iwo, a city that shares a border with the two major cities; Ibadan and Osogbo stirred national sensation and cost the ex-police officers a lot more than they’d bargained for.

Ex. Sergeant Ikuesan Taiwo’s (Mr Ikuesan Taiwo) and ex. constable Abass Ibrahim’s (Mr. Abass Ibrahim) story has a lot of lessons to teach us all. We should learn from the salient lessons that are embedded in their story.

Inspector Ikuesan and Constable Abass Will Be Arraigned in Court Despite Dismissal


1- Don’t Get Drunk in Power

When you’re in the corridor of power, there is a tendency you’ll get drunk in it and begin to behave like you’re above any penalties that might come with your act of atrocities.

It is public knowledge about how the Nigerian Police Force has been raped with a lot of corrupt mindsets and activities that sometimes make anyone wonder if there are any good police officer in the country anymore.

The truth is, no matter how smart a system has become with the euphemism of penalties on corrupt activities when nemesis wants you dealt with in such a system it’ll handle you and that system you so depend on won’t be able to do anything about it.

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2- People Don’t Forget Your Atrocities

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Since ever the two ex-police officers have been legally dismissed from the law enforcement agency (NPF) a lot of underground petitions have been flying around about them with a lot of pressure on Mr Ikuesan Taiwo.

When you go around making enemies because you felt you’re powerful and nothing can be done to you, it is important you know how long people can wait for you to leave that power of corridor before they start coming for you. People may act like they’re not seeing anything but trust me they’re keeping counts.

3- When You Fall People Forget Your Good Deeds

As much as there is a lot of hates and grudges in the atmosphere for one of these two policemen in the person of Mr. Ikuesan Taiwo. Mr Ikuesan Taiwo would receive straight-eight dislikes from every ten Iwo residents because of his tough nature and hard heartened personality.

The question is, does being hard at work that actually requires you to be hardened to enforce the law makes you a bad person? The simple sincere answer is No.

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Police job does need you to be tough but not inhuman, it requires you to be tough at enforcing laws not tough at handling humans in inhuman manners. Mr Ikuesan Taiwo when he was a sergeant was a man that enforced the law in Iwo but he was a little inhuman about his manner of approaching suspects, making arrests and general civilian engagements.

People forget that he was good at his work, that he upheld and enforced the law to a reasonable taste and they focused on all his shortcomings instead.

4- Be Professional at all Times 

When you’re given a task to do try as much as possible to be professional at handling things. You don’t know who is watching. In a world of surging development of social technologies, a single gesture can cost you a zillion words.

The theory is that the two ex-police officers thought since it’s Iwo and it’s not a mega city like Lagos, Port-Harcourt city or Abuja thus no one is watching and they probably could just make things their way ignoring the codes of conduct.

Unprofessional engagement with people in any form of a profession that you chose might cost you more than you can pay for.

5- Always Check Your Mental Health

5 Lessons You Should Learn from the Dismissed Police Officers in Iwo

Your mental health should and must be very important to you. You don’t have to see a Shrink before you know the status of your mental health. The kind of philosophies and social interactions that you engage in will point you to the kind of a psychological building you are creating for yourself.

Your thoughts map should be checked and balanced at all times. This is the basis of your psychological and personal development and is directly proportional to what you do; the content of your thoughts is the bedrock of your actions.

The theory is that the two ex-policemen have a strong or partial conviction that it is okay to treat a woman or female in the way they handled the issue on the very day that brought upon their waterloo on them.

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