10 Major Reasons Why You Should Marry From Iwo

10 Major Reasons Why You Should Marry From Iwo

Iwo is a rich agricultural area with a distance of about 45 kilometres from Ibadan and Osogbo. Iwo people are special kinds you would always like to associate yourself with. Getting married to an indigene of Iwoland is a blessing. Marriage is an eternal affair and union that should last forever. There are many things you show know about getting to a son or daughter of Iwoland.

In this post, we shall discuss 10 Major reasons why you should marry from Iwo.

1- Iwo People Are Loving People

This is one of the attractive attributes you’ll find in many of the Iwo people both male and female. We are loving people, we are especially loving to the person we ever chose to love so if you are lucky enough to meet an Iwo lady or gentleman who chooses to love you sincerely, then, you’re in it for a long cool love cruise. 

Marry Iwo people

This doesn’t erase the fact that there are people who would break up with you or do you wrong among the people of Iwo but before the breakup, before things begin to fall apart for both parties, the love story would be really amazing except if the foundation was never a good beginning.

2- Iwo People Are Hardworking. 

Show me an Iwo indigene, the real son or daughter of the soil who is lazy and I’ll show ten thousand more who is as hardworking as nation builders. We are extremely hardworking individuals, we are brilliant and we take risks. There are hundreds of Iwo indigenes across Nigeria who have achieved success through diligent hardwork. 

3- Iwo People Are Physically Handsome and Beautiful 

Physical beauty is what we are endowed with; our males are handsome and our females are very beautiful. This is not a hyperbolic statement, take a look at our king himself, take a look at him and tell us if we aren’t very endowed with physical beauty. You’ll hardly ever meet an Iwo lady who is not beautiful or an Iwo gentleman who’s not handsome. No argument, you take or leave it. Though there are certainly exceptions but the high percentage of people are beautiful and handsome.

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4- Iwo People Are Supportive

This is an attribute we possess that makes us stand out among others. We support our spouses, we support them to achieve their goals and we don’t back down when they need us. If your course is positive and you are aiming for a higher level in life, get yourself an Iwo gentleman or beautiful lady as a spouse and set your goals then enjoy the every supporting spirit you’ll get from him or her. 

5- Iwo People Are Religious

If you are finding a spouse who’s verily dedicated to his or her religion then come to Iwo. Iwo people are very religious people in whatever beliefs they have and they dutifully engage in their respective religions regardless of where they are. They’ll raise your kids in the most effective manner with the guidelines of their religion.

6- Iwo People Are Cultured  

Culture is something we do not joke with in Iwo. We respect the culture of our land and that of others. If you’re looking for a handsome and beautiful spouse, who is supporting, loving, religious and very cultured then come to Iwo to pick your taste. 

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7- Iwo People Are Healthy 

Iwo people are healthy people, we don’t possess any disease that we are identified with. We eat healthily and work well to exercise ourselves. We use religious sermons to check and balance our mental health. 

8- Iwo People Are Arable

We are arable lands for babies, our semens are fertile and our wombs are arable. God has given us the gift to be able to multiply without trouble, it’s in our eulogy. Marry one of us and you won’t have a reason to fear about having a prodigy.

9- Iwo People Are Economical About Weddings

There are some tribes that put forward cut-throat wedding requirements to their in-laws but we do not do that in Iwo. We are considerate and empathetic, we understand that we are building a tie, a family and we should be able to do the ceremony considering every factor. So, we are mostly very considerate about what is being asked for as wedding requirements. 

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10- Iwo People Respect Their In-Laws 

Iwo people both young and old understand the importance of in-laws and we respect them anywhere we meet. In-laws are highly revered in our tradition and we respect this tradition all the time.

There are hundreds of reasons to choose from Iwo a spouse of your choice but these are just a few of the reasons we considered the major reasons. 

About The Writer

Olamide Yakub Lateef is 26 years old. I am Yoruba, I’m 5ft5 tall and I hail from Osun State and I’m an indigene of Iwo. I am an undergraduate student majoring in computer science at the online University of the People, CA, USA. I’m a lover of writing, I’m a poet and I love to take tasks the same reason I’m into programming.

I started conscious writing when I was a little above sixteen years old; that was when I first wrote my first poem. I’ve been writing since then, I’ve written many unpublished poems, short articles and few proses. I love to write because it’s the easiest way for me to relax after I might have written a few lines of codes in programming and by telling stories I feel like I’m building my very own universe.

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