FCE: Is Iwo Ready For What Comes With Earning a Higher Institution?

FCE: Is Iwo Ready For What Comes With Earning a Higher Institution?


Congratulations to all and sundry in Iwo city for the approval of the Federal College of Education (FCE) by the federal government. This is the biggest gift Iwo city has ever received in the past years and one of the most valuable things any government has ever given to the Iwo people. The efforts and resources put in place in order to make this come to realization are all commended and the influencers of the positioning of this FCE to Iwo are all appropriately appreciated.

Iwo people have been yearning years after years for a public higher institution that will catalyze the civilization and development of the city by bringing in young adult students from various parts of the country to come study in the beautiful city. This year, that consistent and relentless voicing of the Iwo people has been eventually heard and has been granted but the very big question is “Are Iwo people ready for the probable possibilities that can come with earning the positioning of higher institution in a city?”

FCE: Is Iwo Ready For What Comes With Earning a Higher Institution?

Before the celebrations get too much into the marrow of the Iwo people it’ll be nice we look into the possible changes that can come with having a higher institution positioned in your city. Iwo has been a place of morals, respect for religious beliefs and adherence, respecting and honouring religious teachings. 

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Higher institutions bring in a lot of responsibilities with them for wherever the city in which they’re positioned and Iwo people should be ready to man these responsibilities as honourable as possible. Higher education schools bring in people with different beliefs, cultures, perceptions, exposure and moral standards from different parts of the country to be accommodated in together in a city and these many times bring forth conflicts in what some people believe is right and what some people think is wrong. 

Let’s get to the list of possible few things that can come with having the Federal College of Education positioned in Iwo. 

Possible Increase in Cost of Living:

For years Iwo has been a beautiful place to live in at a very low and affordable cost of living but in the nearest years to come that story will begin to incline to a different route because the demand for many things will begin to increase and people are naturally greedy. 

So, the higher the number of students that flock into Iwo to come to educate themselves the higher the cost of living will continue to become because things will begin to receive high demand from time to time. This does not necessarily mean prices will skyrocket into and over the roof but there would be a noticeable trace in the change in prices of things and obvious increases in the cost of living.

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Possible Increase in Pollution and Littering:

Iwo has been an abode for at least over two hundred thousand persons who very much of over ninety percent in agreement in religious and moral issues will probably be receiving a great increase in a number of people that are very diverse in all aspects of views and beliefs that’ll be living in her in the nearest and farthest years to come.

It is important and advisable for the people of Iwo to begin to see the possibility of great change in a possible increase in pollution and littering of the places. Students love to consume preserved and junks, and move from one place to another and these are things that are obviously going to result in a noticeable increase in pollution of the environment and littering of the streets. 

Though students are not destructive and they’re well exposed and better educated to understand the possible dangers associated with pollution and littering but not everyone adheres to rules and regulations.

Increase in Perceived Immoralities:

Iwo has been an abode for people who are strictly adhered to moral and religious standards but the definition of morality in Iwo is far different from the definition of morality in the other part of the country. So, Iwo people should get themselves ready to see different ways of living life and be ready to respect and honour each and every one student’s moral and religious standards.

For instance, Iwo is situated in the deep of the south-west of the western part of the country, the people are highly cultured and religious and the mode of dressing for the people in this part of the country is mainly shaped by cultural and religious (which highly Islamic) beliefs so it’ll be very new to the people to see someone dress in a way that does not go in line with the culture and religion of the land.

This can create conflicts in interest and if not appropriately approached can bring forth some ugly experiences. 

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Conflicts and Riots:

Higher education students are young adults who are experimental, adventurous and learning, they’re very likely and prone to disagreeing with what does not go in line with their interests and tend to rebuke anything in any form that tries to make them compromise their rights.

Iwo has witnessed tens of horrendous riots before in her history. However, Iwo has never at any one time in history witness any riot or conflict of any form from people who are very young, adventurous, experimental and very well diverse in cultural, perceptional, religious, and moral beliefs. This is what makes the difference in any riot or conflict Iwo has ever witnessed before and possibly would witness in the future.

Iwo people should be ready to welcome this change and be prepared to address such issues technically and cautiously when they arise in the future.

Possible Increase in Dangerous/Strange Adventures and Interests

Higher education students are very well known for adventurous activities and pursuit of interests. In many cases, their choice of adventures and interests are dangerous to the health of either the community or the people involved.

The people of Iwo should be prepared to hear some heartbreaking stories from what these young adults will be getting involved in. There are things that Iwo people don’t often experience or witness. Having a higher institution in your city brings some very strange stories with it.

These young adults sometimes explore sexual experiences and desires (such as threesome and outdoor sex) that are unusual in the city, drug use that is unusual, a lifestyle that is strange and etcetera.

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Olamide Yakub Lateef is 26 years old. I am Yoruba, I’m 5ft5 tall and I hail from Osun State and I’m an indigene of Iwo. I am an undergraduate student majoring in computer science at the online University of the People, CA, USA. I’m a lover of writing, I’m a poet and I love to take tasks the same reason I’m into programming.

I started conscious writing when I was a little above sixteen years old; that was when I first wrote my first poem. I’ve been writing since then, I’ve written many unpublished poems, short articles and few proses. I love to write because it’s the easiest way for me to relax after I might have written a few lines of codes in programming and by telling stories I feel like I’m building my very own universe.

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