What Has Hon. Wakeel Mutaleeb Achieved as the Councilor Molete 3, Iwo East LCDA?

What Has Wakeel Mutaleeb Achieved as the Councilor Molete 3, Iwo East LCDA?

Wakeel Mutaleeb is born from the family of Mr. Izamat wakeel Akanmu and Mrs. Wakeel Taiwo of Gbonka  Compound, Iwo, Osun state. Wakeel Mutaleeb Adekunle “Authentic” is a graduate of Yaba College of Technology, Yaba in Lagos with a certificate in the field as a Civil Engineer.

In his political journey and comradeship, he held various political posts as enumerated below;

Posts Held

  • Vice President of National Association of Osun State Students Yabatech Chapter (2012/2013).
  • Vice President of National Association of Osun State students Lagos Axis (2013/2014).
  • Councilor representing Molete 3, Iwo East LCDA from 6/2/2018 up to date.

Hon Wakeel Mutaleeb was the Molete 3 Councilor in Iwo East LCDA. He also spent two years from 2018 to 2020 to represent the people of Molete 3. Hon Authentic as popularly called has done well with the little resources at his disposal.

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In the post, we shall examine the summary of stewardships reports of the Councilor representing Molete 3, Iwo East LCDA, Hon. Wakeel Mutaleeb Adekunle politically known as Authentic.

Wakeel Mutaleeb as a councilor has always promised the dividends of democracy. During his time, he provided and achieved the following;

Achievement as a Councilor representing Molete 3, Iwo.

What Has Wakeel Mutaleeb Achieved as the Councilor Molete 3, Iwo East LCDA?

  • Free summer tutorial class for all interested Secondary School Students in Iwo (Iwo LGA, Iwo West LCDA, Iwo East LCDA).
  • Equipping Students with educational materials so as to relieve parents of the charges of such educational materials.
  • Giving NECO and GCE form to some of the best students during the summer tutorial class.
  • A week free Skill acquisition program for more than 300 Iwo indigenes and a certificate of training was given to all the participants at the end of the training. This skill acquisition program enables all participants to acquire 10 new skills such as Solar inverter installation, Tie and Dye (Kampala making), Ankara Craft (Bags, Bangles, and also Shoes wrapping), detergent soap making, organic beauty soaps and cream, etc.

  1. Free Summer Tutorial and Distribution of Writing materials at exactly 6 months in office (6/2/2018 – 7/9/2018).
  2. Free Vocational workshop after spending 9 months in office (18/11/2018 – 25/11/2018).
  3. Visitation to Orphanage Homes to celebrate 1 Year in the office (3/1/2019).
  4. Free summer tutorial and distribution of writing materials (Second phase) to celebrate 1 year and 6 months in the office (5/8/2019).

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To commemorate his 2 years in the office, Hon Wakeel Mutaleeb marked it with massive Projects that lasted for a week.

  • Visitation to Orphanage Home (Monday,3/2/2020).
  • Collection and disposal of Refuse at Odo Ori market, Iwo (Tuesday, 4/2/2020).
  • Encouragement visit and distribution of writing materials to all finalist Pupils at A.U.D Primary school Agboogbo, Iwo (Wednesday, 5/2/2020).
  • Distribution of Cooking Gas cylinders to the party Executives of Molete 3, Iwo @ exactly 2 years in office (6/2/2020).
  • Influenced a free online tutorial during COVID-19 lockdown and no gathering policy.

Above all, Hon. Wakeel Mutaleeb is also appreciated for his good service to his people. In lieu of this, he has also received many awards and recognitions from different bodies like NAOSS Yabatech, NAOSS Laspotech, FILSU Fedpoffa, FILSU National headquarters, Rotary Club Iwo, Religious Associations e.t.c

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