Epitomized Profile of Alhaji (Prince) AbdulAzeez Inaolaji Adio (Samah)

Prince AbdulAzeez Moranroola Inaolaji Adio was born into the Royal Family of Adegunodo on April 1st, 1950 in Iwo, Iwo local government area of the Osun State.

His personal business enterprise started in 1973 where he sold music records and was engaged in promoting the local artists under Decca West Africa Limited.

Epitomized Profile of Alhaji (Prince) AbdulAzeez Inaolaji Adio (Samah)

In 1978, he became a label owner known as Good Samaritan Sound Studio under which he promoted Adebanjo Aremu an Islamic cleric and Wakili Osupa Anabi who also hails from Iwo Local Government to mention just a few.

He has travelled far and wide all over the world and has visited the United Kingdom, China several times. He has also visited South Africa, Taiwan, Taipei, Hong Kong and the rest of South America, as well as countries in the Middle East.

Epitomized Profile of Alhaji (Prince) AbdulAzeez Inaolaji Adio (Samah)

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Alhaji AbdulAzeez Inaolaji Adio (Samah) is a regular sponsor of sports. He founded Samah Football Club Iwo. Also, he is the founder of Al-Radif College of Education (Technical), Iwo. He is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Princadaz Group of Companies. The company is into the business of Clearing and Forwarding, Civil and Construction Engineering, Estate Management, Transport, Haulage and Freight, and Mechanized Farming.

Epitomized Profile of Alhaji (Prince) AbdulAzeez Adio

The illustration of this is the location of the farm settlement at Iwo where Fish is raised, while large cassava plantations are established to ease the problem of scarcity of foods and for industrial raw materials for his ongoing project of massive agro-allied industry located in Iwo for the local and export market.

Prince Alhaji AbdulAzeez Moranroola Inaolaji Adio (Samah) is a philanthropist to the core. He is a good Samaritan par excellence. Alhaji Adio (Samah) a great supporter of education and Islam and one with royal blood flowing in his vain. He is a shrewd businessman with a flair for accommodation and harmony in the interest of the motherland, Iwo.

Epitomized Profile of Alhaji (Prince) AbdulAzeez Inaolaji Adio (Samah)


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