Oluwo Returning Glory to Monarchy – Part One | By Ibraheem Alli

Oluwo Returning Glory to Monarchy - Part One | By Ibraheem Alli

Those who were great yesterday had an eventful and historical start. The rulers of today also did and no great future leader will ride freely to success. I endured yesterday, enduring today for the pleasure of tomorrow.

Such is the sacrifice of Oluwo to promote the traditional institution and his kingdom. Not many will believe you can sustain monarchy without idolatry. They have forgotten Oduduwa haste who ruled without bowing to deities.

Oluwo Returning Glory to Monarchy - Part One | By Ibraheem Alli

Oluwo has changed the adulterated narrative such that monarchy and chieftaincy titles are jostled for by religious leaders/scholars to re-enact the foundation led by Oduduwa, the founder of Yoruba’s pure, unadulterated crown.

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His book “Code of Kings” will be unveiled at Marriott Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos, tomorrow. The book will not only emancipate traditional institutions from the hegemony of confraternity/ secret society but will additionally endear reasonable Yoruba sons and daughters to pure monarchy, unadulterated tradition and culture but will also liberate the mind of African aspiring youth from mental slavery.

Code of Kings by Oluwo of Iwoland

As against the wish of those benefitting from traditional corruption, the truth has come to stay. If you are not tired of fighting the truth, fight more. We shall see if you can suppress the truth. As you are getting weaker, the truth is getting stronger.

If reincarnation is real, I must be one, Abraham (Ibraheem) reincarnated. I’ve read in the Quran and the Bible about how the dedication of Prophet Ibraheem in checkmating idols and their worshipping.

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Oluwo To Hold God Festival (Odun Olodumare) in November

He challenged the status quo of idol worshipping against his parents’ dictate. He destroyed idols and opened people’s eyes to pure, reality. When he was forced by his parents to hawk deities, she will curse the deity and no one will buy from him. They thought he was mad.

He didn’t stop at that. When he grew up, he led his son and wife to a desert and left them there lonely. At that point, they suggested he should be checked by a psychiatrist. They looked down on him.

Today, Ibraheem is a book to be read and a figure of pride. He was compensated and his legacy will be forever, by both believers and non-believers. Oluwo has brought a similar message to the traditional institution. With consistency and a clean heart, truth is prevailing.

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Exactly 7 years ago, Iwo got a new sparkling, elegant, superlative and exotic king, HRM Oba Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi who preferred to be called Alase Lori Orisa (Commander over deities).

Enthroned at a critical moment when Iwo is becoming archaic and by extension, Yoruba traditional system, culture and tradition are lumped up with idolatry, deitism, he solitarily took up to pay the price of returning Iwo, traditional institution, culture and traditions glory.


In 2021, the late Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi III, visited Oluwo, therein, he revealed his first 20 years on the throne were more controversial than that of Oluwo of Iwoland. Alaafin made the statement during his visit because he was verily aware of the actions and inactions of Oluwo and the many controversies occasioned by toeing the path of honour.

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The many controversies surrounding Oluwo were not because he is wrong but because he brought honour to monarchy/ kingship. When Prophets Yisa (Jesus) and Muhammed were called, many thought they were insane.

They went ahead to stone Yisa. The two survived and are reference points today and till eternity because they stood on truth. The truth has vindicated them. They have seen today and the future yesterday.

The book is unveiling is to mark the 7th coronation anniversary of Oluwo of uncompromising principles restoring honour to monarchy is a vindication of truth. Not many will believe you can sustain monarchy without idolatry.

Oluwo has changed the old narrative such that monarchy and chieftaincy titles are jostled for by religious leaders/scholars.

Oluwo Telu 1 and The Unnecessary Distractions | By Sen. Ola Ariyo

He prepared his agendum before enthronement. Despite the stones and many accompanied challenges, he toes the path of honour devoid of idolatry, land-grabbing, lording, and dictatorship.

Rather, he stood to protect the God of monarchs, protect his subjects’ interest, defend his territory and promote his kingdom. Today, many of those who threw stones have noticed the intention of Oluwo is to bring honour to God through traditional institutions.

The book is a representation of Oluwo’s conduct. The truth will never die. Those promoting it will eternally be referenced. When Oluwo’s words hurt you, check yourself.

The part II of this epistle will be post review of his 7th anniversary. Look forward

Oluwo: A Reformer on the Throne | By Alli Ibraheem

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