I Started My Business With N5,000 to N7,000 – Busari Aderonke Shares Experience


The Iwo-born female entrepreneur, Busari Aderonke Adesewa, popularly known as ‘Hon. Idea’ who is the CEO of Idea Premium Textile Design has shared her experience on how she started the brand.

During an online masterclass organized and sponsored by FCMB, Aderonke Adesewa said she won’t forget the little beginning as she started the business with the amount that ranges between N5000 to N7,000.

The March 2021 edition of the Flexx Online Masterclass organized by FCMB had three amazing entrepreneurs aside from the Iwo-born entrepreneur, Aderonke Adesewa; the other two were Michael Abiodun Nifemi, the Creative Director of Verity Media and also Charles Chinonso, Creative Director, C.Charles Shoes.

Iwo-born Female Entrepreneur, Busari Aderonke, to Feature as a Speaker on FCMB Online Masterclass

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They shared their experiences, challenges and advised young Nigerians how they start and succeed as an entrepreneur in Nigeria.

Busari Aderonke Adesewa when asked how Idea Premium Textile Design started.

Busari Aderonke said: “Actually, starting up was not very easier like that. It was actually mixed feeling like full of anxiety, for the fear of failure, how do I start, the capital and others? So, starting up was not very convenient and again people like to discourage females especially that why would you have to spend your time in building a career? You will get married and you are going to your husband’s house. Better be yourself and marry, after you get married you can do something or your husband would give you money to do that.

She continued: “But then I tried to convince people that you have to be successful as a female yourself. So, starting up was not easy at all. It was not easy especially for the capital to start. How would the business be, what will be the future for the business too? So, it was not easy at all.”

I Started My Business With N7000 – Busari Aderonke Shares Experience

She also narrated the challenges the business has faced and still facing.

Busari Aderonke said: “So, you know it is local and cultural stuff. So, getting people to understand that there’s no way you cannot rock or wear your Adire or there is no way you can’t rock to has actually been one of the major problems. Again, funds are actually one of the major problems. In the Adire business, you have to get a piece of fabric and chemical. You have to package your brand, you have to let people know what you sell and package it because if you don’t package it, people will not tend to appreciate what you are doing at times.”

Effects on COVID-19 Pandemic on My Business?

In the video, Busari Aderonke Adesewa shared the experiences during those times below.

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She continued: “When we produce a particular fabric and I tell people I sell the fabrics out to people probably at the rate of N4,000 people would be like this is so cheap they are not sure it’s going to be nice. They don’t like the package, they don’t like the outcome. So, something like that has actually been mainly one of the challenges.”

“Again, you know people in Africa don’t really appreciate ideas very well, international people actually appreciate more than our people down here. So, the problem of getting to the international markets to market Adire outside the country has not really been easier.”

Profile of Busari Adesewa Aderonke

She further explained: “Competition is one of the major problems these days. People think what you are doing you are making the money, no knowing the stress you went through or what the stuff has actually cost you. So, out of the competition, everybody would want to do it, everybody wants to invest.”

“Every day there are new designs from Adire. We are very familiar with tie and dye. New designs of Adire come out every day. So, if you are not consistent and don’t try new designs, people coming in would want to outgrow you. So, that has also been a major challenge too. Another challenge is, I want people to buy I am looking for customers I have to sell on credit to people. So, getting money back after selling can be very difficult too.”

How Do You Feel Being Your Own Boss?

Watch her response below:

How Much Did You Use to Start Your Business?

Busari Aderonke Revealed: “Actually, I have been in the business for a while because I started while I was in school. I studied Fine Arts in school. Then, I specialize in textile, we deal with Adire majorly. Because I have a passion for it, I have to do my intership at many places like Nike Arts Gallery so that I can learn more.”

“Let me say I started officially 2 years ago with nothing less or let me say seven thousand naira (N7,000). I used to say N5000 or N7000.”

Iwo-born Female Entrepreneur, Busari Aderonke, to Feature as a Speaker on FCMB Online Masterclass

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Busari Aderonke also explained her business experience during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the unfavourable situation in those periods, she said her business thrive so well and it was a blessing period for her business.

In conclusion, she tips how young Nigeria and aspiring entreneurs can start a business and succeed in Nigeria. It was an amazing time well shared on the Flexx Online Masterclass organized by FCMB with the invited guests.

You can watch the Video of Busari Aderonke Adesewa below as shared her experience.

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