Shabeeb Integrated Service Ltd: The Leading Agribusiness in Iwoland


Sabitu Habeeb Olalekan the CEO/MD SHABEEB INTEGRATED SERVICE LTD. Habeeb hails from Ajigbopes compound, Iwo Osun State. Habeeb graduated from Federal Polytechnic Bida, where he studied Civil Engineering.

Sabitu Habeeb Olalekan

About the company

Shabeeb Integrated Service Ltd. is a name entirely synonymous with quality and is highly committed to maintaining its moral beliefs. The company is known for its high-quality Agriculture and Food Processing, Construction and Engineering Services, Real Estate and general contractor, Import and Export, etc.

Enjoyed across Nigeria, Shabeeb Integrated Service Ltd. products are also exported to neighboring countries. The company buys the very best primary ingredients available in the market and then processes them through the most effective machinery. We employ a high-quality workforce, which is supported by our commitment to training and development.

About Shabeeb Integrated service Ltd

The company is an incorporated Private Limited Liability Company with RC number; 1697581 located at 205, Ejigbo road, opposite MGM motor park, Latico junction, Iwo, Osun State.

Their constant target as a company is to be the best among the leading and competitive companies in Nigeria and by extension in Africa with dedicated personnel by 2023. By this, they are joining the league billionaire companies in Africa.

Shabeeb Integrated

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About the Agro Business

Shabeeb Agro is a farming scheme or platform that allows you to invest and watch your money grow. You invest while they do farming. They farm for you while you earn both capital and ROI at the end of the farming cycle.

About the Agro Business and food production

Shabeeb Agro is an investment company, which allows you to invest while they farm, then you receive both capital and ROI (Return of investment) at the end of the farming cycle and was founded in 2018 by Agriculture experts with many years of experience in successful activity in Agribusiness.

Since 2017, the team has been developing its own strategies, professional knowledge, techniques and skills that allow us to generate

You invest, they farm then You EARN. They are secured and insured. The farm project is well secured and insured with the Nigeria Agricultural Insurance Corporation. They have Cassava farm, maize, okra, watermelon, cucumber, pepper farm in Osun State. Also, they have 20 heaters of rice farm in Niger state with enough staff to maintain our farm.

Agro Business Shabeeb Ltd

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Do you know? Despite the Covid-19 Pandemic, quarantine, Protest, Looting and all challenges facing Nigeria in 2020.  Shabeeb Integrated Service LTD was able to give back to all our investors with 0 Loss. Also, they were able to maintain all our staff with their salary. The company paid 4 Batches of Investment successfully.

For more details about Shabeeb integrated service Ltd visit website here

For more details about Shabeeb integrated service Ltd visit website here

Shabeeb Integrated service Ltd

Contact Information

WhatsApp: 08137005279

Facebook: Shabeeb Ng

Instagram: Shabeeb NG

Twitter: Shabeeb Integrated service Ltd

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