Oluwo: A Reformer on the Throne | By Alli Ibraheem

Sidiq Abubakar III was one of the longest-reigning Sultan of Sokoto. He was not only a king but also a reformer. Also, he reigned meritoriously. He sold no land. He cheated none.
Most reformers are independent sages on political/religious garments. Not many come with crowns.

Many critical observers who genuinely follow the monarchical conduct of Oluwo will have no doubt in his revolutionary styles tailored towards establishing a new foundation for Yoruba traditional institution, such that, the council will be envious of the born and unborn generation.

Oluwo: A Reformer on the Throne | By Alli Ibraheem

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The Paramount Ruler of Iwoland, Oba (Dr.) Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi, is a reformer who sees the future. He has the conviction that not many Yoruba children will be attracted to old ways of addressing traditional issues. He tenaciously preaches the need for a new system that will attract fresh minds as generational vehicles to sustain the rich Yoruba culture and traditions.

Many called him names. The end justifies the means. He is the symbol of Iwo. He has successfully challenged the old ways with increasing like minds who embraced 21st-century solutions to 21st-century challenges.

Oluwo and people of Iwo

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In essence, Oluwo made a case for a pure traditional system devoid of idolatry, a struggle that he sacrificed many material returns for. He maintains his stand. He this becomes a solitary monarch. Though, in recent times, few are joining the train of a true monarchy. He fought against rituals with human parts.

Equally, not many monarchs will stay off selling their subjects’ land. Oluwo countlessly preaches against such. He has publicly confronted his subjects to name their land or any property illegality taking since his enthronement. Oluwo has not sold a plot of land. I know of a monarch in his category who was also a reformer.

Oluwo: A Reformer on the Throne | By Alli Ibraheem

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He dresses stylishly and ostentatiously
Oluwo walks majestically
He promotes a modern solution to 21st-century challenges
And most importantly, Oluwo trust and embraces the oneness of God
He encourages cleaningness
Oluwo is a monarch with a difference.
He is the most consistent king I ever met.

There may be noises but his territory is moving. The end justifies the means. He has the key. When he knocks, the door opens.

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