Investigation: Failure to Provide a Generator By Iwo Local Government, Iwo NIMC Registration Point Deserted, Relocated To Ayedire

By Ridwan Azeez

It was an unlimited surprise enveloping the minds of the people of Iwo for a sudden relocation of a well-known registration point of the National Identification Management Commission (NIMC) data capturing and National Identification Number enrolment Centre Iwo Osun State, relocated to Ileogbo town in Ayedire Local Government unaware and without any prior notice.

It was a Saturday morning earlier this month that the Federal Government of Nigeria moved and abreasted the incorporation of all sim cards by owners to their respective National Identification Number, having precipitated the bursting of the relocation of the George Iwilade Library complex, Iwo NIMC registration Centre.

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It is clear beyond doubt that Iwo Local Government is losing another Federal agency. 

Having investigated this not-too-good development in Iwo with a view to getting the ingredients of fact, Mr. Mansur Musa and Mr. Kayode Akanji recount the exuberance of leaving the metropolis for an outskirt town afar for an enrolment that can be done at their doorsteps.

Kayode Akanji who is a stone throw resident of the deserted NIMC Centre Iwo enumerate his encounter to get registered for a National Identification Number despite leaving very close to the area in question.

“The agency has been relocated for over a year. If you take a look, you will observe that the door remains closed and looked up even on working days. If you need a National I.D, I also did my NIN registration at Ileogbo with N500 despite being a resident of the area of location of the NIMC Registration Centre in Iwo” he said.

Investigation: Failure to Provide a Generator By Iwo Local Government, Iwo NIMC Registration Point Deserted, Relocated To Ayedire

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With a view to fact-checking the relocation, Kayode also said: “I learnt one of their equipment was stolen and effort to get a replacement from the appropriate Government authority proved abortive.

Notwithstanding, the consequences attached to the relocation and in an attempt to further investigate Mr. Mansur explained that he is very much aware that the relocation was due to certain failure of the Iwo Local Government authority to procure some necessary maintenance.

“Iwo Local Government Authority has been nonchalant about the needs of the NIMC centre. Imagine just a request for generator, to improve power supply was not honoured and this was a result of the relocation of the Agency to another Local Government,” he said.

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