EndSARS: Oluwo Calls for Inclusion of Traditional Rulers into Panel of Inquiry

Oluwo of Iwoland, HIM Oba Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi, has called on the federal and state governments to include resourceful traditional rulers into the panel of inquiries on police brutality throughout the nation.

In his appeal, Oba Akanbi said, aside from police stations, responsible palaces are always primary points of contact at any security threat or security brutality, calling on the government to incorporate responsible monarchs into the panel of inquiries.

He stated doing so will keep traditional rulers abreast of security issues and equally facilitate effective mediation where needed.

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My Intent in Defending the Helpless Poor Will Judge me - Oluwo of Iwoland

Oluwo disclosed some panels constituted in some states were without a traditional ruler, asking the government to consider their traditional input most especially as it relates to security matters.

He said security is one of the primary duties of every responsible monarch. Also, he pointed monarchs are actors in the ongoing struggle and must be given the necessary assignments to constructive address the anger of Nigerian youths at this critical time.

He related the place of monarchs in community affairs invited the attacks on some palaces at the heat of the protest, as he hopes to see institutions of traditional rulers in addressing the challenge.

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Oluwo Suspension and My Intent in Defending the Helpless Poor Will Judge me - Oluwo of Iwoland

A statement by the Oluwo’s press secretary, Alli Ibraheem, reads; “Palaces were part of the target of most EndSARS protesters because of our place in securing our community and managing crisis. Aside from police stations, one other primary point of contact are responsible palaces.”

“At this critical time, monarchs’ inputs are of immense value. We were seriously affected by the heat of #EndSARS protests and police brutality. The youth expected much from us because the victims were our children.”

“I want to appeal to both the federal and state governments to include resourceful traditional rulers into their respective panel of inquiry. We stand to gain nothing than to entrust justice and have security information that will help us more in assisting the government on security.”

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I Will Build Shelter for Vulnerable Children - Oluwo

“We are always ready to make our contribution and must not be left out at this fragile moment of a modern and traditional government leadership challenge. The government at all levels should consider incorporation of virile traditional rulers into the various panel of inquiry”

“The two palaces destroyed by the angry youth were testimonies that monarchs are part of security actors. I will equally appeal to the government to strengthen traditional rulers with a security vote. Much more would have been done should we have access to such.” He concluded.

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