Current Iwo Local Government Chairmen; The Worst in 3 Decades | By ‘Tunde Badru’ Afrika II

Current Iwo Local Government Chairmen; The Worst in 3 Decades | By 'Tunde Badru' Afrika II

I have a personal relationship with many of the current LG administrators in my Local Government, Iwo. There are some I ordinarily dare not look in the eyes. Most of whom I have here on Facebook as friends and fathers.

However, this current setup is the worst I have ever encountered in almost 3½ decades of my existence, anywhere in Nigeria.

How do we go, within a relatively short time, from an era of the tenacious SeeBee to the crass mediocrity we have as the government today?

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APC Iwo Local Government

With 3 Chairmen, House Leaders and numerous councillors – and luckily with FG’s decision to ensure that LG funds go directly to LGs – how do you explain the inability of 3 LCDAs to have a single infrastructural project over a 3-year term? Not even a single metre of laid asphalt, not a single well dug and not a yard of electric cable purchased.

Perennially, Iwo Local Government receives the highest allocation of all the LGs in Osun State. Why is it that these guys cannot match their counterparts in other parts of the states, including the relatively poorly funded Olaoluwa?

It is also saddening to see that the local government is made up of a sizable number of youths, if not the majority. How do we rationalise young people, whose vigour and agility is a natural advantage to achieving social development, being this reckless, corrupt and incompetent?

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Also, why does it seem like the elders we have in our own land find comfort and profit in the non-performance of officials we have in our community? Why do we always need the Students’ Union to take responsibility when we have so many people who arrogate the title of statesmen to themselves?

Recently, a chief alleged that he goes home with an amount as meagre as ₦5,000 at the end of the month. This is someone who is supposed to be seen as a father to those who are saddled with the responsibility of determining his remuneration. Can they tell us why, amidst the plenty allocated to Iwo over the months, traditional chiefs are treated like stray dogs?

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