Yahoo Yahoo & Its Glorification in Iwo Land: Bad Governance Not an Excuse for Internet Fraud


Internet fraud remains a complex worldwide phenomenon that stretches far beyond Iwo, Osun and Nigeria.

The rate at which Internet fraud is increasing is alarming. The culture of internet fraud Iwo land will not disappear without urgent action. Our youths blame the government for everything and use that as a justification for committing crimes. They want money, riches, expensive lifestyles, luxurious cars, etc without working for it.

Sadly, we have appointed and elected leaders who only want to hold power so they have access to money without doing anything productive to help the lives of the citizens. No jobs, electricity, good roads, education, healthcare and security.

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Yahoo Yahoo & Its Glorification in Iwo Land: Bad Governance Not an Excuse for Internet Fraud

To parents, guardians, community elders and religious leaders it is pertinent to start a campaign against internet fraud. To the people of Iwo land it is high time we stopped the celebration of unaccountable and sudden riches. It is not just a campaign against Yahoo yahoo but also a campaign against immorality in Iwo land.

The government has failed us. Yes, the government has failed but don’t fail yourself. Yet, that does not justify fraud, no matter how you sugar coat it. Bad governance not an excuse for yahoo yahoo.

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