Why People Say Oluwo of Iwoland is Controversial

By Alli Ibraheem, CPS to Oluwo

The legend popular Fuji musician, Late Barrister Sikiru Ayinde Barrister in his famous album “Okiki” sang “Okiki timo ni koito Edumare , bami wa mi si Edumare” meaning my popularity is not enough, I want more from God.

The intent of a man is a precursor to his popularity. Iwo and her stool is not new but lagging behind most especially in attention that could attract infrastructures and companies. To present workable solution, God gave Iwo Oba Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi, TELU I.

Why People Say Oluwo of Iwoland is Controversial

The coming of TELU I, Oba (Dr.) Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi, was a relief and hope for new dawn in Iwo. He is resolved, focused, resolute, savvy, resonate and most importantly progressive, thirsty of what Iwo needs and where to get it.

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The noise, controversies and the accompanied hatred of him is known. Some hates him while many love him. A great man has many haters. A man of idea is always the talk of the town. When you have a new solution to an old problem and device a different approach to issues, you are labelled by the conservatives alien to your style as controversial. Some went far as assassinating his character because his idea wasn’t theirs. Every working arrangement deserves the eulogy of the initiator.

Oluwo has engineered many virile doctrines that could shape traditional and cultural institutions to be in tune with modern theme. His commitment to make the tradition enticing is endless. He is encouraged by majority of the youth who got liberated by Oluwo’s frequent mental empowerment.

Oluwo is the most talk about because he is given digital ideas alien to many conservative minds. He is most hated by those who refused to move with time. Oluwo is a progressive conservative. You may hate the messenger, don’t abuse the message because its content will benefit your generation.

Viral Video Edited by Mischief Makers – Oluwo of Iwoland

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Many went far to assassinate his character for reason best known to them. They have talked ill of him to president Muhammed Buhari, Former President Olusegun Obasanjo, V P Osinbajo, Governor Oyetola, Monarchs, etcetera. Anytime he is cited with someone, they headed to that person and fabricate lies to cut off ties with him. The informed do get back to ascertain the veracity of many claim against him, a step he regarded and appreciated. You can discredit his credits but can’t design his fate.

The enlightened should always check on him for accuracy of any misleading information peddled against Oluwo. Despite the noises, hatred, character assassination and controversies, Oluwo is not worried. He is getting better and stronger in serving his people. Thousands abuse Buhari daily, many call Tinubu unprintable names, Prophet Muhammad and Jesus were abused, but despite, they sailed and sailing through. That is the price of greatness. The stones are strength for a determined soul. Should we call it jealousy or envy?

Whatever it is, no going back in checkmating traditional and cultural corruption characterising our rich apparel.

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