Viral Video Edited by Mischief Makers – Oluwo of Iwoland

The palace of the Oluwo of Iwoland, Oba (Dr.) Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi has cleared the air on the viral video clip in circulation, accusing Oluwo of Iwoland of promoting financial scamming of foreign embassies with rituals by the ritualists.

The palace, speaking through her press secretary, Alli Ibraheem, said the 30seconds video clip was cut out of a 2-hour interview granted by Oluwo last year to discredit traditional money voodoo and laziness among Nigerians.

The viral video quoted Oluwo as telling people to go to the US embassy with voodoo and cart their cash.

For the sane minds, we hereby state that the clip was just a background hint against voodoo engaged by some lazy Nigerians interested in a short cut to success.

“We want to state it unequivocally that Oluwo has never said so but only castigating ritualists and their customers claiming of possessing traditional concoctions to make quick money”

“The said interview was granted to Goldmytv last year in the palace. It was a session I was castigating ritualists deceiving lazy Nigerians with traditional money-making voodoo. The viral short clip was edited by the perceived enemies of the palace and disappointedly, it was spread by the illiterates”

“Oluwo is a king of merit, digitally inclined, very active, industrious and a role model. How on earth will I encourage laziness or voodoo as short cut to success? No, not me. The clip shared was just a background to discrediting of rituals. The editor and those sharing must be victims of my castigation”

The palace described the belief of such a short clip by few personalities without further clarification as disappointing, saying Oluwo is an advocate of hardworking, industriousness who could not condone scamming in any form.

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He disclosed the video cut as the handiwork of enemies and ritualists benefitting from ritual scamming, imploring them to commit their time to fruitful engagements.

The palace further hinted Oluwo granted the said interview last year but the enemies who have no job but feed on rituals revisited it to question his glittering image.

The palace called on enlightened and educated literates to always seek clarification where necessary before jumping on the bandwagon in spreading unfounded statement. He said it is expected of every sane mind to have requested for the full video before passing judgement, stating that those sharing the short clips are the victims of his preaching against money voodoo.

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