A Tribute Poem for the Late Sisi Quadri | By Sebiotimo Abdullateef Ayomide

A Tribute Poem for the Late Sisi Quadri | By Sebiotimo Abdullateef Ayomide

It’s been three days after the sad demise of our veteran actor Sisi Qaudri, yet the pain of his painful exit has not reduced in our hearts.

Here’s a tribute to a life well lived, though, short it was:

The sky in Iwo is crying,
Tears flowing down the streets in the city and beyond,
A black day it was in the history of our home,
To the movie industry and Nigeria at large,
A rare gem went to the world where there’s no return.

As a common man, you carried the burden of attaining greatness and making a name for yourself,
throughout your life, you’ve brought smiles to everyone’s faces,
Your tongue was able to make the cold metal rods bend,
A God-given talent no one could question,
You were doomed that you weren’t given the option of staying.

On our television screen,
We witnessed your debut in the acting profession with ‘seniyan seranko‘,
Coming into the limelight with ‘Ebudola’ was in our presence,
Your debut on Netflix came on the eve of your sad death,
Alas, seeing you again is impossible except on our gadgets.

With millions of people congratulating you on getting the rewards for your hard work over the years,
In a moment, from this world, you are gone,
Was the string holding you to this world too thin?
It’s your time and God is unquestionable,
Then, your memory lives on and evergreen in our hearts.

We have to wake up to the reality,
Continue to rest on, dear legend,
A legend with legendary acts,
May your grave be a place of final rest for you,
And what you’ve left behind be under the watch of our lord.

By Sebiotimo Abdullateef Ayomide for Iwoland Hub

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