Poetry: Telunisation (5 Years of Meritorious leadership of the Oluwo) | By Azeez Ridwan

Oluwo, Prof Alao, Dr. Oluremi, Others Grace FILSU 68th Celebration as the Union Launched Magazine, Commissioned Shops


(In recognition of 5 years meritorious leadership of the Oluwo of Iwoland)

By Azeez Ridwan

Poetry: Telunisation (5 Years of Meritorious leadership of the Oluwo) | By Azeez Ridwan

Beholds the shining Akanbi
The GCFR of all gods and deities
He who grows amidst the mischief of his miscreant
The progressiveness architect of Iwo Kingdom
Since time immemorial
Since days when eyes were beneath the ankle
Great men were synonymous with great things
Even a scratch will never run them to ruin but to rule

The living hero
Who dare the impossibles
Who faced exotic devils eyeball-to-eyeball
The knight who wrestled the predicaments of the haves-not
The Mighty elephant that murmurs the forest.
May all your problems cometh to me
Were his prayers
Your quest to building a mansion of righteousness is second to none

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A son of the Soil of the home of the parrots
He has decorated Iwoland
Renovate and rectify it
Singlehandedly removing the Òpálámbá
A shaman’s Broken Bottle
Assembled beneath the feet of the progressiveness of Iwoland
Uprooting them unceremoniously
Supervising the Banishment of the unfortunate days
Now glance us from afar

Iwo Malami
The home of reputable scholars
Graciously witness your tantalising reign
May your royal kitchen cook more delicacies
May the king’s horse graze longer.

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