Telu, A Walking Encyclopedia At 55 | By Jubril Akintayo Onseyoo

Oluwo and His Celebration of Knowledge | By Alli Ibraheem

Kábíyèsí Oluwo Of Iwoland, His Imperial Majesty, Oba Abdulrasheed Adewale Akanbi Telu 1 possesses many qualities that endears him to all and sundry. Baba is kind, handsome, bold, courageous, witty, outspoken, kingly, candoured, etc but there’s a special quality of his that marvels me; knowledgeability!

Telu is a repository of knowledge. There’s hardly a sector of human existence that he doesn’t know one or two things about. Whatever it is you want to talk about, bring it on, he will dissect it and get you ‘flabber-whelmed’.

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I am the type that loves to seek knowledge. There’s hardly a day I don’t go on Google, Youtube and some other platforms to learn. I learn new things on a daily basis. I feel dwarfed within me whenever I see someone do or say what I don’t know, especially when it’s a general knowledge anyone can jump on. At that point, I’ll ask myself ‘ase o ti e mọ nkan kan‘. This exactly has been my experience anytime I get to sit with this flamboyant monarch.

Telu will take you to another realm of knowledge that you’ve never been to. You can’t help but learn. With Telu, you just have to learn! Even if you’ve got a completely unteachable mind.

Telu, A Walking Encyclopedia At 55 | By Jubril Akintayo Onseyoo

Kábíyèsí is simply an untapped repository of knowledge. Just yesterday, I had the opportunity to sit and discuss with another repository of knowledge, a walking encyclopedia. As I conversed with him, I remembered Telu.

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Coincidentally, he’s Telu’s namesake and son of the soil. The only difference is ‘Ade’ and ‘Ola’. They’re both Wale and Rasheed, and vastly knowledgeable.

Kábíyèsí, as you grow older, I pray Allah to increase you in knowledge, wisdom and understanding laced with sound health and good wealth, encapsulated by the longevity of life.

Happy birthday Kábíyèsí
Erin nlá tí f’ọhun kogó kogó
Èèyàn kan soso bíi ẹgbẹ̀rún
Tèlú àkọ́kọ́
Kábíyèsí oo

Telu, A Walking Encyclopedia At 55 | By Jubril Akintayo Onseyoo

Your Dear Son,
Jubril Akintayo Onseyoo

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