The Shout of the Jealous | By Sayfullah Daood Imran Molaasan

The Shout of the Jealous | By Sayfullah Daood Imran Molaasan

Historically, Iwo is well known of been a peaceful city, cool, free from indecent and not bloodshedding ways of life. The reason why some people describe the city as been local could be unveiled from the low infrastructural development of the city is being put aside and the likes are not put into consideration is that indecent dressings which they described as a civilization weren’t encouraged, and because of being free from some bad behavioral conducts like thuggery and others.

Islamically, there is no way you will discuss the spread of Islam in the south-west of Nigeria if not the whole of Nigeria, that you will escape discussing this city. One of the city’s famous name is Geri Malami (the city of scholars). Also, Iwo is highly respected politically that most Osun politicians call the Odidere city their second home because they believe in the city’s political power.

The Shout of the Jealous | By Sayfullah Daood Imran Molaasan
Sayfullah Daood Imran Molaasan

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However; it seems we are about to set the path to neglect the glorious glory of this city unknowingly. The good people of Iwo have chosen to be quiet while losing their glory and are not ready to work together with those who want greatness, good changes and development for them in different ramifications.

To make this clear, I have to cite some examples. The fast increasing rate of fraudulent youths in the town is alarming which is a threat to the security of the city and in fact her future. Although our father, Oluwo of Iwo land is trying all his possible best but this cannot be ensured except with our cooperation. You may have some doubt in your mind on the fact that it is a threat to the city’s security.

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The Shout of the Jealous | By Sayfullah Daood Imran Molaasan

This ongoing fraud titled Yahoo Yahoo is a form of making illegal money which most of the time includes money ritual most especially when (+) is added. In fact, some of them are pure ritualists. There is no need to explain this because it is rampant. It is possible an end comes to this nonsense one day.  Remember, they are once rich they will be very desperate to maintain being rich which may lead to robbery and something that is more brutal.

This fraud of a thing has also contributed to the increasing rate of indecent dressings and adultery in the community. Without a doubt, it is a sign of a bad future. Many women on the street are just skeleton they have been used and dumb. There is no difference between them and the refuses we have in our dustbins. May Allah save us.

It is high time our scholars, parents and teachers give importance to changing the society and the poor mentality of some youths that they can never make it without doing fraud which is not. They should ensure that youths realize the importance of choosing Allah in their decisions and in all their life generally.

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Moral Values: The Shout of the Jealous | By Sayfullah Daood Imran Molaasan

To erase their myopic level of reasoning and their act of trying to copy others’ life. Our scholars should make sure their lectures are not restricted to their circles of learning. They should look beyond the circles, they shouldn’t only concentrate on building those who have the foundation. Also, they should lay foundations for those youth that has chosen Satan over Allah.

Orientation programs are also needed at this crucial time by scholars, teachers, and parents. Parents also need orientations, all these are mostly because of their laxity in carrying out their responsibilities, duties and their carelessness. All those parents that also stop their children from being religious and disturbed them in attending religious gatherings are also contributing indirectly to the bad behaviors in society.

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