Ruling Houses in Iwo Blast Abiola Ogundokun, Say Iwoland is Greater Than Anybody

Ruling Houses in Iwo Blast Abiola Ogundokun, Say Iwoland is Greater Than Anybody

The ruling houses in Iwo have slammed Chief Abiola Ogundokun for his statement in an interview granted to a Youtube Channel. The video was recently released by AsabeArika on Youtube saying Ile-ogbo and other communities are older than Iwo. The ruling houses in Iwo released a press reacting to the video saying such a statement is fallacious.

The ruling houses; Gbaase, Ogunmakinde Ande, Adegunodo and Alausa says the people of Iwo should not take Abiola Ogundokun serious because he is at the old age saying irrelevant things.

Read the press release below;

“We, the undersigned, on behalf of the four primary ruling houses in Iwo -Gbaase, Ogunmakinde Ande, Adegunodo and Alausa, in entirety condemned the statement made on YouTube by Abiola Ogundokun, claiming Ileogbo and Igege communities are older than Iwo. We considered the statement as slip of tongue associated with old age and epileptic oblongata.”

“On behalf of all the princes, we want to clearly state that all towns in Ayedire and Ola Oluwa Local Governments are traditional subjects of Iwoland. Crowns were extended to them by Oluwo out of generosity.”

“This is not to discredit our togetherness but to avert misrepresentation of facts in the perception of those who may be alien to Iwo history. And that Ogundokun is not qualified by any standard to relate the history of even Olola’s compound where he was hosted by Oluwo let alone of telling Iwo history. Ogundokun only has aged to his credit which is not a certificate for history but a functioning memory.”

Profile of Abiola Ogundokun

“For the sane minds, we hereby state it categorically that Iwoland is greater, older and relevant than Ogundokun and we will not watch him bringing us back. Our history is rich and cannot be distorted by a tenant.”

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“If we may ask, where was Ogundokun when Iwo Economic Summit was organized to Move Iwo forward? Where was he when Iwo Day was held and generous donations recorded?”

“For your attention, Abiola Ogundokun is just an ordinary person with no influence in Iwo of today. We urge the public not to take his words seriously. Only a few still sounds at their old age, who knows maybe he is not among the lucky few.”

Signed by the representative of each of the four ruling houses

Adegunodo – Prince Semiu Fanta

Ogunmakinde Ande– Prince Sarafa Adedoja Osunwo

Alausa – Prince Najeem Abolusodun

Gbaase – Prince Adedapo Omotosho

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