Raheem Mojeed Quiz & Debate Competition: 3 Female Students Emerge Winners

Raheem Mojeed Quiz & Essay Competition

The 3-Man Panelist for the Mr. Raheem Adewale Quiz & Essay Competition announced the winners of the first round of the competition.

A Quiz & Essay Competition which involved 14 students (2 participants from each school) from 7 Government owned Secondary Schools in Iwo Local Government.

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On Friday December 18, 2020, participants wrote essay on ‘Effect of COVID-19 Pandemic on Educational Sector in Nigeria’. While on Saturday, December 19, 2020, participants had a Quiz session on English, Mathematics & Civil Education.

After the grading and collation of the scores of each participant, 3 young girls emerged top. The winners announced were;

1st Position: Sarafadeen Fridous (Anwarul-Islam Grammar School)

2nd Position: Orotoye Opeyemi Miracle (Baptist High School)

3rd Position: Sarafadeen Maryam (Ishahudeen High School)

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These three students were awarded prizes ranging from English Language textbooks (Dele Ashade’s “A”-One English), porket-sized dictionaries and Purpo calculator. Other participants went home with mathematical sets alongside their certificates of participation.

The last stage of the Raheem Mojeed Quiz & Debate Competition will involve the 3 Local Governemnts in Iwoland (Iwo, Ayedire and Ola-Oluwa). The top 3 winners in Ayedire local government, Ola-Oluwa Local government and Iwo Local government will face off. At this final stage, the overall top 3 will as well be announced and rewarded.

Many Iwo residents lauded the competition and believed this will lift the spirit in the students. Also, Mr Raheem Mojeed was applauded for the programme that investing in the children is the best investment to secure the future of Iwoland.

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