Iwo land and politics

“If you put good people in bad systems you get bad results. You have to water the flowers you want to grow.” Stephen Covey

In the absence of progress, growth and development in a land there is nothing to be called improvement and achievement. Meanwhile, celebrating a success will become a jinx to break.

August 27, 2019 another moment in the state of living spring (Ipinle Omoluabi) to celebrate her 28th since the creation. The state has been ruled by different individuals whom have done what they could before signing out at the Bola Ige’s House.

Despite the achievements and projects executed in different cities by elected leaders, Iwo land remains underdeveloped.

Iwo land consists of 3 local governments; Iwo, Aiyedire and Ola-Oluwa. According to the National Census conducted in 2006, Iwo local government is the most populous local government in Osun State. Aside the number, Iwo land is one of the ancient cities in the state with a paramount King. If cities in the state is ranked, Iwo should be among the top 5.

Despite all the features, economic wise, socially and politically we are lagging behind. Without any doubt, Iwo land is an underdeveloped city. Who should be blamed for this low pace running of this ancient city? Even if you want to blame, there is no need for that because it changes nothing. Pointing fingers at him, her or them wouldn’t bring back the aroma of the burnt stew of Iwo land.

Iwo land and politics

In addition, the elders and leaders should know their efforts haven’t yielded the desired Greater Iwo Kingdom. Iwo land have suffered a lot, no doubt, Iwo land has been marginalized. However, many appointed or elected individuals have misused the chance they had in the past. Some might not realize they did but all the wealth they accumulated at the expense of developing the land is no where to colour their current lifestyle.

The 2018 gubernatorial election has shown youths are more concerned about the betterment of Iwo land. The passion, dedication and efforts put in by all and sundry remained one of the best demonstrations though the jacket was not hit. However, our voices were heard and the results after election show Iwo land is always a place to reckon with.

On the July 1st, 2018 a protest simultaneously with a press conference held by the “Concerned Iwoland Youths for the Actualization of Iwolandlokan Agenda” to demand an Iwoland son or daughter to be picked as gubernatorial candidate in the major political parties. Though some left the battle ground at the moment Iwo land couldn’t get the ticket from the popular political parties.

The 2018 event is now a historical element which has no relevance to contribute to the Greater Iwo kingdom we ought to have. Therefore, the zeal and passion we showed in 2018 should continue by individuals, organizations, unions, associations and especially the group that has now metamorphosed to Reformed Iwoland Political Movement (RIPM).

Iwolokan Agenda Struggle (Iwo land)

Our people need orientation. Politics is not about fighting your brothers and sisters. The development of Iwo land must be our utmost goal for all irrespective of political parties we find ourselves. Blaming one political party for the situation we are today won’t solve any problem. We have many problems to find lasting solutions to;
– Bad roads withing Iwo land
– Poor educational system
– Poor welfarism
– Absence of private or public firms/companies
– Poor Health care centres
– etc

Few years on the throne, His Imperial Majesty Oluwo of Iwo land, (Dr.) Oba AbdulRasheed Akanbi Telu 1 has positioned Iwo land on a radar which it has never been. Oluwo has been here and there to ensure Iwo and her people enjoy a better life. The relentless efforts have attracted individuals and organizations which I believe will be manifested soon. The impact and roles Oluwo has been playing can’t be underestimated, even, the appointed or elected officials couldn’t match it. We pray Almighty God spare our king’s life to take Iwo land to the promise land.

Osun State as a name doesn’t exist in isolation, it needs cities to come to life. One of the cities is Iwo land, therefore, we deserve better treatment. The political leaders shouldn’t only bring candidates from other cities to leverage on our population only to win elections. We give and we should take. Iwo land shouldn’t only be a ground to gain votes and dump or marginalize after winning the election.

As a matter of FACT, in terms of allocation being received from the Federal level, Iwo local government ranked 3rd (Odo-Otin, Ife East then Iwo local government) with the highest allocation been given to Osun State. Iwo land has been contributing to the pocket of the state in terms of allocation they get yet we have received less development.

Iwo Allocation

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One of the pressing demands is the Iwo-Osogbo road. Though the governor, Gboyegba Oyetola, has promised to start work on it in no time. I hope he fulfils the promise. Though this is not the only what Iwo land deserve. Moreover, the road serves many cities in the state. Iwo-Osogbo road connects Osogbo with many other cities in such as Ede, Ejigbo, Iwo, Ikire, Ogbagbaa, Bode Osi, etc. The economic and social benefit that this road includes is extremely beneficial for the development of the state itself.

Iwo-Osogbo Road

In a nutshell, the political appointees or elected should not only think about their pocket and family, think Iwo land. The philanthropists should play their roles. The successful sons and daughters should think about home to contribute their quota. Don’t wait until you represent the land at any political office before you contribute your quota . Play your part to make Iwo proud wherever you are. Be a good ambassador. Let your name be a reference point to see Iwo land as a great city.

Above all, the energetic youths should know they are instrumental and important for the better Iwo land. At this stage, we should shun malicious and vicious comments on social platforms. No doubt, politics divides and disengages people yet it brings no development with those characteristics. It is high time we stopped trailing that old path. Our elders or fathers have played those dirty games with no positive results. They have spent years engaging in crude political games with little or no achievement.

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It is essential for the youths of the land to say a ‘NO’ to the same path. As the promising future of the land, shun the violent and dirty games in politics. Break the jinx that you can unite with your brother from other political parties. Break the box of the crude political games our fathers have played which have brought less development to the land.

Lastly, we all except things to be done by elected or appointed political officers because of the votes or trust. To those in powers, remember your coming generations, we would narrate the role you play.

I repeat, no political party can bring growth and development to Iwo land, only you and I at different important position, office, field, company, association etc can ensure a Greater Iwo Kingdom.


Saminu Abass is a motivational writer and content publisher. He is a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife. Also, he is passionate about Digital Marketing. He believes in the abilities of others and tends to bring out the hidden potentials in people’s lives through his motivational articles and words of inspiration.

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