Ooni Lúwo Gbàgidá: The 21st Ooni of Ile-Ife | By Karimot Odebode

Ooni Lúwo Gbàgidá: The 21st Ooni of Ile-Ife

Ooni Lúwo Gbàgidá is the first and only female ruler of Ile-Ife. She was from the Lafogido ruling house in Ile-Ife town and the daughter of Otaataa from Owode Compound.

Ile-Ife is believed to be the home of all humans, hence, she was the supreme leader of the Yoruba race. Queen Luwo was a beautiful woman who reigned after Ooni Giesi.

She was a hardworking and extremely neat person who made sure the street of Ile-Ife was always clean. Queen Luwo was the mother of Telu Adekola, the founder of Iwoland.

luwo gbagida


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She helped her son to become King/founder of Iwoland by sending him on the journey with a crown and instruction to stop in a land filled with parrots.

Ooni Luwo was the spiritual leader and custodian of traditions. Her reign made us realized those female rulers are not taboos in our society. The exclusion of women rulers is the projection of our individual minds.

Our culture celebrates women and allows women to rule in society.

Ooni Lúwo Gbàgidá: The 21st Ooni of Ile-Ife

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