Oluwo and The Unnecessary Distractions | By Sen. Ola Ariyo

Oluwo Telu 1 and The Unnecessary Distractions | By Sen. Ola Ariyo

Let me be frank here, Oba AbdulRasheed Adewale Akanbi, Tèlú I, isn’t perfect and sometimes, make mistakes. That is typical of every human being, except those throwing invectives at the top class monarch choose to be insincere with themselves.

From the moment that Oba Akanbi ascended the throne of his forebearer, he has shown an uncommon zeal for the progress of the ancient town. This is not hard to notice going by the frequent trips of Oba Akanbi to the seat of power and courting those who matter in the society to facilitate developments to Iwo.

And already, we’re seeing cheering outcomes. If you don’t know of most of the things, at least, you would be familiar with the citing of the Federal College of Education (FCE) in Iwo recently. This is massive considering how long Iwo had waited for a reasonable government presence.

Of recent is the establishment of a private institution, ACADIP University, which will complement the already operational Bowen University. Many more developmental projects are already on the way and would serve the good people of Iwoland.

The Asipa of Iwoland, High Chief Gbola Fasasi, said it is impossible for 14 out 42 chiefs to dethrone Oluwo.

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It is despicable, to say the least, that some people are pushing for the removal of such a monarch. That is so wrong and in my estimation, dangerous mechanization to frustrate the gradual progress Iwo is making in the last few years under Oba Akanbi.

Going through the petition signed by supposed kingmakers for the dethronement of Oluwo was quite revealing. If kingmakers are now saying Oba Akanbi should not have ascended the throne over unproven and recycled allegations after five years, then it safe to conclude that hatred, or maybe, selfish purpose, is at play here.

Oba Akanbi cannot be the evil they are trying to paint him, yet, what he has demonstrated since assuming the throne is getting Iwo its rightful space among its peers. The average Iwolander knows this much and that explains the overwhelming love they keep pouring at him all the time.

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Give Peace a Chance: A Passionate Appeal to Oluwo and Kingmakers - Prof Lai Olurode

The latest move to push Oluwo out of the throne is nothing but an outlandish and cowardly approach to sabotage the wishes of the Iwo people. Also, those behind this plot are trying to destroy Iwo through their blanket hostility to Iwo people, which is unjustified.

Why are so many people standing by Oba Akanbi against the jaundice logic of his traducers? This is because, in a very long time, they have a king who fights for them always; who stresses himself always by going extra-mile to advocate for the development of the town; who help subjects lobby for jobs and other opportunities– and ultimately, who always projects Iwo to the world and brings deserved recognition for our dear home town.

So, let those who think they can depose Oba Akanbi realise the truth before it too late– Iwo people are solidly behind him and would ever resist any attempt to deny us this wonderful father, who doesn’t joke with the wellbeing of his subjects. They better stop now before they get burnt because Tèlú I is going nowhere.

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