The Oluwo and An Iwo Indigene Pilot

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His Imperial Majesty, Ọba (Dr) AbdulRọsheed Adewale Akanbi Adewale, got the attention of a pilot who came to meet Oluwo immediately after the flight landed. Surprisingly, the Pilot is an indigene of Iwo land.

Oluwo in a statement said: “He came to me immediately the flight landed and introduced himself to me. He’s the pilot and interestingly he’s an indigene of Iwo.”

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“I’m proud to have seen an Iwo son as a pilot. It’s a thing of joy to me and I hope many other indigenes of Iwo in high places will continue to identify with Iwo.” Oba Adewale concluded.

Oba Adewale Akanbi felt proud of one of his subjects. The joy on the face of Oluwo is amazing. The monarch also hopes many Iwo land sons and daughters would be higher places.

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