OLUWO OF IWO Telu 1, The Alaafin Sango of Our Time

Hate or loving him, he remains d royal voice of Yoruba land. Social, smart, intelligent and very vocal.

HRM Oba Abdulrasheed Adewale Akanbi Ilufemiloye Telu 1, from Molaasan Royal family a sub.section of Gbaase ruling house was installed as the 16th Oluwo of Iwoland and since then he hasn’t looked back. highly controversial and bold.

In the time of Old OYO, Yoruba was under attack with no voice of his own, Alaafin Ajaka was helpless, though considered a man of peace and a complete gentleman, Oyomesi can’t wait until they are captured and sold into slavery before they act. Just like the threat of herdsmen bandits.

OLUWO OF IWO Telu 1, The Alaafin Sango of Our Time

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Sango was called upon, from far away Nupe to become king. In Yoruba mythology, Sango also known as Jakuta is perhaps the most popular Orisha; he is a god of thunder and lightning and as well one of the most popular names all over the world today. Also, the third Alaafin ( then Oloyo). Coincidentally Sango was an Emperor just like Telu 1.

Alaafin Sango was a fighter, a warrior and perfect gentleman (Lolz). He confronted his adversity both home and abroad, within the shortest period Oyo became strong and respected among the committee of nations and also prosperous.

Alaafin Sango was also a dancer, no king has surpassed him. May be Emperor Telu 1 will in do so in the future. Alaafin Sango was also successful in business and created a new Kingdom through Timi of Ede. Also, he confronted his over-bloated high chief like Gbonka.

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Alaafin Sango, brought fashion and style to Royal hood his wife plated his head, as it was strange for a woman to touch d head of Alaafin and he dared the Oyomesi, mind you, his beloved wife was not from Oyo, as strange as she was to the tradition and culture, she helped Sango to win most battles . If HRM Akanbi crowned his queen is not new.

Oluwo of Iwo and His Queen

When armed bandits called herdsmen stormed Yoruba land Emperor Telu 1, the voice was first to be heard, he raised security suggestions today some of his ideas are been put together in the southwest, he built relationship across the Niger and today Iwo is on global limelight.

God bless you HRM Oba Akanbi.

By Adetunii Lams

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