Oluwo Advocates Nigerian-Chinese Partnership and Investment in Iwo, Osun

Oluwo of Iwoland, Oba AbdulRosheed Adewale Akanbi, has set the stage for a potential game-changing collaboration between Nigeria and China, with a focus on production and investment.

During his visit to the Chinese Ambassador to Nigeria, Cui Jianchun, in Abuja, Oba Akanbi urged President Ahmed Tinubu to explore a partnership with the Chinese government, drawing inspiration from China’s remarkable economic success story.

Oluwo Advocates Nigerian-Chinese Partnership and Investment in Iwo, Osun

Oluwo disclosed production has placed China ahead of most developed countries, a feature which has eradicated poverty in the country.

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Oba Akanbi emphasized that Nigeria could replicate this success by leveraging the expertise and resources of the Chinese government and investors.

Oluwo convinced the ambassador to prioritize Iwo and Osun State in their investment drive, noting the business-friendly environment and security in the areas are unequalled.
Oba Akanbi described China’s productive power as enviable, calling on President Ahmed Tinubu to partner with the Chinese government in an investment drive.

Oluwo Advocates Nigerian-Chinese Partnership and Investment in Iwo, Osun

Oba Akanbi’s call for collaboration extends beyond economic ties. He also suggested that Nigeria could explore the possibility of seeking loans from China to support its infrastructural development. While acknowledging the need for caution, he expressed a degree of trust in China’s track record as a reliable partner in such ventures.

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According to Oluwo: “China is one of the leading productive power blocs contributing significantly to the world’s economy. They have built an enviable economic viability and vibrancy for themselves”

“I’m calling on the Federal Government led by President Ahmed Tinubu to partner with China and Chinese investors to drive our economy through production. Formulating an effective business policy that will encourage investors is necessary. We need to move by partnering with developed countries whose keen interest in production and not consumption”

“China is ahead. They started from somewhere. Today, they are the giant in the production sector. Their economic status is superlative. We should have a bilateral economic affinity with them”

Investment in Iwo

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“I urge the Chinese Ambassador to Nigeria, Cui Jianchun, to work closely with the new government for an improved economic tie. The insecurity is being checked and decimated. Nigeria is now safer for business. In my domain, Iwo, and my state, Osun, is business-friendly. Your companies and investments are safe with maximum profit.” Oluwo concluded.

The meeting was attended by prominent figures from both sides. David Wang, the Managing Director of CCECC Nigeria Ltd, Zhong Xiang, the Managing Director of CGCOC Group, and Mr Martin Chen, the Chairman of China Harbour Engineering Company (Nig) Limited, were also present. This collective exchange of ideas and perspectives underscores the potential for a mutually beneficial partnership.

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