Oluwo Mourns High Prince Semiu Oladimeji Fanta

Oluwo Mourns High Prince Semiu Oladimeji Fanta

The people of Iwoland lost Prince Semiu Oladimeji Fanta, popularly known as Alhaji Fanta to death today Saturday 25th July, 2020. The death of Alhaji Fanta was a shock to the populace of the land.

Prince Semiu Oladimeji Fanta was popular among the youths and always contributed to the development of Iwoland. Alhaji was recently appointed as the new Mogaji of Adegunodo ruling house at the Shrine of late Oluwo Adegunodo of Iwo land in June, 2020. Prince (Alhaji) Oladimeji Semiu Fanta was also the secretary of Adagunodo Ruling House, Iwo before his death.

Oluwo Mourns High Prince Semiu Oladimeji Fanta

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While reacting to the news of the death of Alhaji Fanta, Oba Akanbi said not only that Iwo has lost an illustrious son but also the entire Osun State will miss the High Prince Oladimeji Semiu Fanta. Oluwo prays that his shortcomings be forgiven by Allah and be granted Aljanat Fridaus.

Oluwo said: “I commiserate with myself, the entire Prince of Iwo and Iwoland in general over the death of an illustrious son, High Prince Oladimeji Semiu Fanta.”

Oluwo Mourns High Prince Semiu Oladimeji Fanta

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He continued: “His death was a rude shock to me. His vacuum will be greatly felt. I will miss him, Iwo will miss him, Osun will miss him.”

“I pray for eternal rest for him. I’m bereaved, Iwo is bereaved, Osun is bereaved. An elephant has fallen but God knows best. May Allah grant him Aljana Firdaus.”

“Once again, rest in peace, a loyally committed prince of note and merit.” Oluwo concluded.

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