Oluwo and His Celebration of Knowledge | By Alli Ibraheem

Oluwo and His Celebration of Knowledge | By Alli Ibraheem

I’m a writer, a simple critical one. I read, watch and write. When I pen, I do it objectively. I don’t like replying to an accusive or malicious article in as much as it doesn’t distort my making (origin) or mislead the bright, promising generation I represent. The same principle is attached to the Natural Paramount Ruler of Iwoland, HIM Oba Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi.

Many have tried to provoke me to argue but I will never move unless they try to distort fact and shift the goal post of my historical origin as done in an epistle authored by one Tunde Odesola and published in the Punch Newspaper of today, 28th November 2023.

Early this morning, my attention was drawn to a malicious, spurious, factitious and specious write-up by Odesola titled “Oluwo and Glorification of Ignorance“, full of sophistry, innuendos and mischiefs.

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Therein, Odesola distorted the well-stocked, rich and affluent history of Iwo well known by even the secondary school students of Iwoland. Not only that, the writer went further to mislead the surviving generation under the tutelage of liberation from mental slavery. These two reasons necessitated my response to the author.

In his warped, deformed and falsified piece, Odesola claimed the founder of Iwo, Adekola Telu first discovered parrots at Oba river and settled there. He stressed further that Telu institutionalized kingship in Iwo.

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For record purposes, the prince from Ife and the only son of Luwo Gbagida (the only female Olofin of Ife), AdekolaTelu never had a sojourn at Odo Oba except for Ogundigbaro, Erunmu and Igbo Orita. Telu and his entourage couldn’t locate the much-anticipated abode of the parrots at these three sites until they got to the present site of Oluwo palace where they met the abode of the parrots. Journalists and journalism inform, educate and enlighten the populace accurately and not to impress.

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Equally, he went further to say Adekola Telu institutionalized the monarchy system in Iwo. No! The incumbent Oluwo, the commander over deities, His Imperial Majesty, Oba Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi, is the 16th Oluwo. Ordinarily, Iwo should have had more than 40 kings being an ancient city. But the instruction was, they should never wear the crown until they discover an Odidere abode.

The Crown of Oluwo of Iwoland - What is it Made of?

In that line, they had more heads in succession after the death of Adekola Telu until the turn of Jikanmu who died at a place called Obadake shortened to Adeeke today. Jikanmu was succeeded by Olumade Paarin, the first to wear the crown.

This factual knowledge is available to secondary school students in Iwoland. They will tell to Odesola before he takes his pen again to impress the uninformed and dance naked in the market where ignorance is not only glorified but also celebrated.

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In addition, Iwo is a unique ancient town that abhorred Christians, and traditionalists and is predominantly Muslim. In fact, Islam was brought and promoted by an Oluwo, Alausa in 1673 but predominantly promoted by Memudu Ainla Lamuye who ruled for 90 years.

Even at some points, Oluwo will lead Muslim prayers, insisting only God deserves to be worshipped. There is no Alfa or Islamic cleric whose generational source of Islamic acceptance was not from Oluwo.

Oba Akanbi has high regard for pure, unadulterated Yoruba culture, values and traditions. He will join Christians in Churches and convention grounds and observe Islamic Solaat. Oluwo will host the Egungun admirers, present gifts and enjoin them to upgrade, eschew violence and comport themselves.

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As stressed by Odesola in the 22nd paragraph of his write up “The Oluwo seems to be on a futile mission to erase certain aspects of Yoruba history because he lacks the understanding that history, whether good or bad, defines the experiences of a people and is critical in unravelling the present to prepare for the future.

If Odesola could reason this, he should define his way, either to convey to his followers the good or bad history. With his age, he should be a father. If deity worshipping and rampant offering of humans as sacrifice are part of your culture to be respected, so be it for you.

As a father, I enjoin him to name the numbers of his children with tribal marks. We have many traditional corruptions ravaging Yorubaland. Hardly will a day pass without a report of missing boys and girls killed for rituals. How many times has he reported such? What Odesola derives joy in, is the demystification of high-profile individuals to seek attention. Of what impact is education without courtesy?

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I want to recommend Odesola, Alexander Pope’s Essay on Criticism (1711) “A little learning is a dangerous thing. Drink deep or taste not the Pierian spring; There shall draught intoxicate the brain, and drinking largely sobers us again.” and furthermore, the Chinese Philosopher, Confucius, elucidated further, that, “Real knowledge, is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.

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In Iwo, we celebrate knowledge, and not ignorance. In Iwo Odidere, there are no 201 gods! Olodumare is the most Supreme being.

Pen pushers are pure pathfinders; they should not be controlled by pecuniary interest to mislead our children. The dark age of getting sponsored by those benefitting from evil has gone.

Yoruba culture, values and traditions are the richest. Oluwo is what Yoruba culture personifies. His outfits, majestic dances and royal candour are superlative.

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In furtherance, I want to state it clearly that Oluwo and Odesola have no friendly disposition. Oluwo met him once at NUT lounge Osogbo through Mr. Soji Adeniyi, who was the Osun State correspondent for The Nation Newspaper then. Adeniyi is still very much alive. He visits the palace with his family till date.

Mr. Tunde Odesola is an ostentatious impressionist. They were never friends. If you are friends with someone, you will know where he is from and even his family members. Soji Adeniyi, who is a friend will visit the palace, even with his family.

At the point kabiesi met Odesola, he was a reporter in Osogbo with the Punch Newspaper. That was a night in early 2014 and His Majesty can’t even describe your look. Since then, he has not seen him. Oluwo told him yes.

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??? Oluwo ??? ?? ??? ???????? ?????

Naturally, Oluwo replies to all messages. That defines his accessibility. If that is abused by Tunde Odesola, Oluwo will have to adjust. And fortunately, Mr. Soji can bear witness. Odesola claimed he went to see Governor Aregbesola on Oluwo’s behalf. Who was there and why didn’t you privy the person who linked you with Oluwo?

I will not be surprised if Mr. Odesola wakes up tomorrow and tell us he enthroned Oluwo. This impression has said all of his image and what we should expect, henceforth.
The ardent readers of Odesola’s piece most especially the youth should be wary of false knowledge and impression. They should never dance naked at Odesola’s old Gbagi Market, old York and old testament. Otherwise, they will be consumed by the poverty of the mind that kills faster and more sporadic than Boko Haram.

I enjoin him to wait for the unveiling of Oluwo’s book which shall be publicly presented by the special grace of Olodumare on 16th January 2023 dovetailing on the unsullied, unpolluted and untainted cultural values and traditions of Yoruba monarchy as exemplified by the founder of the crown and rallying point of our heritage, Oduduwa.

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Alli Ibraheem, Spokesman for Oluwo Palace.

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