Is Ola-Oluwa Local Government Enjoying the Dividend of Democracy? | By Olatidoye Idowu

One thing that keep bothering me is that, is Ola-Oluwa local government, Osun State really enjoying true dividend of democracy? Mostly ward 6 (Ikonifin/Isero).

I have been to almost all the part of Osun State and to some reasonable extent, I would love to commend the efforts of Mr governor. Obviously, most part of the state are really enjoying true dividend of democracy but why is our own in Ola-Oluwa local government different? Maybe we’re at the extreme end? I hope that should not be an excuse.

Is Ola-Oluwa Local Government Enjoying the Dividend of Democracy? | By Olatidoye Idowu

During my sojourn as the president of the only legitimate students association in Ola-Oluwa local government and being an education student who see much bright future in education, I made education programs my utmost priority.

I have gathered enough fact that Ola-Oluwa has always been sidelined in most things in the State, if not why is our education so low and we have insufficient equipment to enhance a standard education?

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Is Ola-Oluwa Local Government Enjoying the Dividend of Democracy? | By Olatidoye Idowu

Surprisingly, there is a particular secondary school in the local government that has hunt as the only Hall in the school, no chairs, dusty floor and disgusting look.

Not only that, the case study in this article, which is ward 6 (Ikonifin/Isero). Despite the fact that there are so many communities surrounding Ikonifin and only one secondary school is available for such communities.

Hence, there is no enough equipment and the building available is very much disgusting and it’s not even up to standard for education and as such, environment for learning is not conducive.

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A school that has always been recording numbers of corp members for years has no record of corp member as of today, why? Obviously, the environment is not conducive for them to stay (below are the pictures).

Our representatives from the grassroots are literally doing not enough. I wonder if the state honourable know exactly what his constituents want or maybe he thinks being an honourable is to be in Oshogbo to always delibrate on state politics and forget about the task given to them from the grassroot.

The local government and LCDA chairmen, even though it’s not been a while the mantle was given to you, your constituents really need you than you can ever imagine.

Improvement of education sector is in the hand of everyone, I’ve been doing mine and all our political office holders need to do more.


Ikonifin, ward 6, Ola-Oluwa local government, Osun State.
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