November 9: Odun Olohun Has Come to Stay in Iwoland | By Taofeek Adeniyi (Taosand)


Oluwo said he wants to celebrate the festival of God (Odun Olohun) by which he wants all and sundry to just be praising God and let everyone show appreciation to God.

If Oluwo said he wants to celebrate all these ancestral festivals like Osun, Ogun, Obatala to mention a few, who are you to question him?

We now see some Islamic scholars who are against him. WHY ARE WE SO FULL OF HYPOCRITES IN IWOLAND?

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Instead of supporting him, some bastard and idiot are now criticising him. Are you the only one who has access to God? When this Oluwo is carrying the god of iron (Ogun) that has been at the palace square for donkey years which is impossible for all Islamic scholars to do in IWOLAND by then.

The belief in the oneness of God that Oluwo has, most of these Alfas don’t have the belief.

All the challenges that Oluwo has faced and conquered if you people should face a quarter of it you can’t overcome it. I want you to think about the global development that Oluwo has brought since his access to the throne.

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I know for sure that this festival has come to stay and it will soon be a big celebration that people would come to celebrate like they are going to Mecca and Jerusalem. Oluwo is not only king of Muslims, he worships only one God.

November 9: Odun Olohun Has Come to Stay in Iwoland | By Taofeek Adeniyi (Taosand)

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