Memoirs: The Unsung Heroes in Iwoland | By Engr. Bashir Lawal (Gomina Mekunnu)


Memoirs: The Unsung Heroes in Iwoland | By Engr. Bashir Lawal (Gomina Mekunnu)

Fellow Iwos,

I ruminated on the past of our great city and scribble names of some Iwos who have gone beyond. These are the list of over One hundred deceased Iwo men and women that made mark in Iwo Community during their lives. They were very popular, dynamic and made remarkable impact in Iwoland.

However, has time pass by, the present generation of youths know little or nothing about them which necessitates this memoirs and also opportunity for the elders to reminiscence about their days.

I categorise the work listings under Business Magnates, Scholars/Teachers/ Islamic legends, Politicians, Socialites, Women and accomplished Individuals . I don’t know some names, but mentioned them by their family compound name or alias. Kindly assist by furnishing their real names.

My Request

Please, I am compiling this as into a leaflet, however, some of the deceased names are mentioned with their nick names or named with their compound names (e.g Lawyer Olurode, those who understand the spirit of this work know that many lawyers may be from Olurode compound, there was one, known by Iwos as lawyer Olurode). I want you to add value to this work by giving full names of the deceased, their compounds name, and their relatives may supply the date of their death. I thank you all.

Memoirs: The Unsung Heroes of Iwoland


1. Alh. Salimonu Edunro (Salinsile)
2. Alh. Kulukulu
3. Alh. Amoo (Elepo)
4. Yekini Molaasan (Owner of Allah Ba Musa Lorries)
5. Alh. Adiatu Alaye (Yagboyaju)
6. Baba Iromini
7. Alhaji Fasaasi Mogaji (Mogaji Business Empire)
8. Alh. Rashidi Salinsile
9. Alh. Ile Iya (Transporter)
10. Alh. Tijani Orilende (Transporter)
11. Alh. Dokun Tella
12. Alh. R.A. Beauty (Olola Islahudeen)
13. Alh. Olurode (Abidjan)
14. Alh. Alaloye (Molaasan-Baba Amir Taawun)
15. Alh. Keke Adetona (Ajigbaagun)
16. Kekere Adaara (Nafiu Amuda)
17. Baba Mojinde
18. Alh. Otun (Printer)
19. Alh. Omo Aye
20. Alh Aleegunlofan
21. Alh Oremeji (the two friends)
22. Alh Ile ago (Welder)
23. Alh. Lambe Iyalaje
24. Alh. Ile Laapo (Transporter)
25. Alh. Fatai Aragbonsana (Aragbonsana Bread)
26. Ba’n Seerah (Bread Baker)
27. Ojolowo Bread
28. Mr Jab and Jabson
29. Alh. Adagolojo
30. Alhaji Abolude
31. Alhaji Musi Olomo

Palace of Oluwo of Iwo land


32. Alh. Amusa Oke koto (Businessman and Scholar)
33. Alufa kataye (The Patriach of Kataye Family)
34. Alh. Muili Badru (Ile Amin)
35. Alh. Muili Adedimeji (Eloquent speaker and thinker)
36. Alh.Abdul Baaki muhammed (Ajigbagun)
37. Akeem Onju (died Young)
38. Alh. Mudasiru Ajibope
39. Dr. Ibraheem Baaki (Free Mosques Builder-Died Young)
40. Alhaja Falilatu Titilope(Olori Alasalatu)
41. Alufa Okebitike
42. Alhaji Akibu Ewonda
43. Ismail Badru Amin (PG Student U.I, Died Young)
44. Alufa Salawu Motokese (Later became Chief Imam of Iwo)
45. Prof. Wasiu Gbolagade (Mathematics Prof)
46. Mr. Akinola (Principal, L.A Comm. Modern School)
47. Alh. Ajani (Ile Olore Fomer Principal Iwo Grammar School)
48. Pa Olaosebikan
49. Alh. Salawu Olopa (Ile Erinowon Ass. Commissioner of Police)
50. Sheu Raufu Olododo
51. Imam Raji Lawal (My father)


52. Madam Sikira (ode oloya- food canteen)
53. Alhaja Titilope Olori (Alasalatu)
54. Iya Eleran Alhaja Abilere
55. Alhaja Nusi Konko
56. Alhaja Keke Alaso (Ajigbagun)
57. Iya L’ Ewonda Eleran (My Mother)
58. Iya Ribu (Ode Oweyo)

Iwo land

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59. Alh. Babaooo
60. Alh. Rashidi Fanta
61. Alh. Ajonbadi
62. Jay Jay Agboluaje
63. Baba Elemiesu
64. Gbangbanko
65. Chief Mi o Kere
66. Ajemura
67. Baba n Daodu
68. Tajudeen Elewe (Humorous, died Young)
69. Obelawo
70. Omolukutu (Saafiriyu Omofoye)
71. Mokaila Aro (Muscian/Politician)
72. Etiyeri (A musician)


73. Dr Lateef Aremu
74. Lawyer Ganiyu Aremu
75. Ah. Prince Isiaka Nafiu (Ile Foke)
76. Alh. Rasaki Rahman (Olumoye)
77. Lawyer Olurode (PRP Chieftain)
78. Lawyer Thanni
79. Deacon G. A Lawal


80. Liadi Fojugbagi (Bedford Lorry and Agbegilodo Body Builder)
81. Perpetual The Tailor
82. Belawu Aranyo (Bicycle Repairer& Renting)
83. Happy Day Photo
84. Ayox Hammy Kapoor (Theatre Legend)
85. Alhaji Ade Fancy
86. Amoo BAbalola (Paku)

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Iwo round about


87. Pa Fajinmi
88. Pa Ogunwale (late Ekerin of Iwo Land)
89. Prince Alade Lamuye (Minister)
90. Alh. Eniola Atanda
91. Chief Bolarinwa (Former Council Chairman)
92. Alh Olatunbosun Tadese (Originator of ‘Quarters’, later became Oluwo)
93. Onseyooo
94. Alh. Gambia
95. Prince Kola Akanbi (Baba Present Oluwo)
96. Hon. Rasaki Rajaye
97. Alh. Shutti Loolo
98. Hon. Kataye
99. Hon. Adebisi Aminu


100. Prince Adewale Osunwo (Wonderful Goalkeeper)
101. Ashanti
102. Uncle Jegbo
103. Alh. Rasheed Rahman

Oluwo's Palace in 1933, During The Time of Oba Aminda Of Abanikanda's Compound,Iwo; 1933 - 1939.
Oluwo’s Palace in 1933, During The Time of Oba Aminda Of Abanikanda’s Compound,Iwo; 1933 – 1939. Image Credit: Iwo, Osun State Facebook Page

Others are;

  • Adegbite former governorship aspirant
  • Baba I.A Adisa (former Principal, Olivet Heights Oyo)
  • Late political maverick Baba Senior (Akaso)
  • Alhaji Akibu Akanmu Alarape (Aija’s Compound)
  • Mr. Oguntona, ex-principal L.A Gramms and former Council chairman;
  • P.A. L.A Idowu (scholar and politician).
  • Imam Odugbemi
  • Founder Islahudeen Akeukawe, Baba Ile Ajibope
  • Alhaji Alasi (abimota)
  • Prince Alade Lamuye
  • Lawyer Atanda ( whom the popular lawyer Atanda road was named after)
  • Chief Aremu.
  • Alh Ire Akari (motor mechanic)
  • Mr Aleem Gandi (politician )
  • Iwilade (Secretary OAU Student Union)

Missing names on the lists? Kindly use the comment box below to drop a comment.


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  2. While the effort is highly appreciated I want to observe that late Akibu Osuolale Oguntona was the Secretary to Iwo local government during the regime of Chief Ganiyu Iromini and not the Chairman.

    Also, Alh Kamoldeen Jabar, The Morning Star Photo and Alfa Ahmod Rufai, popularly known as Ruffy Cut who sewed for the late monarch, Oba Ashiru Olatunbisun Tadese are missing in the list.

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