What You Must Know About Iwo-born Nollywood Actor, Sisi Quadri

Quadri Oyebamiji popularly known as ‘Sisi Quadri’ is a Nigerian actor of the Yoruba genre. The popular Nollywood actor, Sisi Quadri, hails from Iwo in Osun State.

Sisi Quadri had his primary and secondary education in Ore, Ondo State. He had his basic Islamic knowledge in Iwo after he left Ore. Sisi Quadri is also a trained fashion designer.

What You Must Know About Iwo-born Nollywood Actor, Sisi Quadri

The fashion designing job did not in any way affect his acting profession. He has trained and graduated many artisans under his tutelage in tailoring and still has many apprentices training under him.

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Sisi Quadri started acting in 2002 when Alhaji Ajileye wanted to act Koto Aye. Though he was still a full-time fashion designer with many apprentices. His journey in the movie industry as a makeup artist. At a point, he dumped the costume jobs and got into acting fully.

Sisi Quadri has been in the movie industry for more than 2 decades. He is mostly featured in roles where he asserts his anger with his mouth.

Sisi Quadri has been recognized for his rare style of acting. He mostly acts and talks like a woman. He has also contributed massively to the movie industry in Nigeria. Notably, he has been featured in many Yoruba movies.

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He inherited the talking from his parents. His father and mother talk a lot, though Sisi Quadri only spices his with insults. Some of his fans have nicknamed him ‘Ebulabi‘.

A man blessed with a spicy tongue can make the most beautiful lady in the world feel so ugly and unattractive. And can also make an ugly woman feel on top of the world with his spicy tongue.

Sisi Quadri has built his own house from the money made from acting as a profession. He has also invested heavily in the tailoring job from his earnings. He also works as an entertainer and Master of Ceremony (MC) at major parties.

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What You Must Know About Iwo-born Nollywood Actor, Sisi Quadri

To mention a few, he is not only an entertainer but also a pure comedian. He mixed insults and comedy together to make people happy.

Quadri Oyebamiji doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, doesn’t club and doesn’t womanize. Sisi Quadri lives in Iwo and only goes to Lagos if there are jobs or calls for locations.

Quadri Oyebamiji popularly known as ‘Sisi Quadri’ is a disciplinarian. He is happily married and blessed with a child.

Sisi Quadri wife and son

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