10 Key Points of Oluwo's Annual Iwo Day Celebration Speech

Here, we extract ten main key points from the Oluwo of Iwoland, Oba AbdulRosheed Adewale Akanbi’s speech at the grand ceremony of the 32nd Annual Iwo Day Celebration held at the Oluwo Township Stadium, Iwo, on December 16, 2023.

The monarch outlined his remarkable achievements, plans and the transformative path he envisions for Iwoland.

10 Key Points of Oluwo's Annual Iwo Day Celebration Speech

1- Acknowledgment of Divine Authority: The Paramount Ruler begins by acknowledging the supreme authority of God (Olodumare) and attributes all glory and adoration to the Almighty.

2- Commendation for Community Development: Oluwo praises the Iwo Board of Trustees (IBOT) and the Central Working Committee for their remarkable achievements in community development, emphasizing their commitment to the progress of Iwo.

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Oluwo Stadium in Iwo, Osun State

3- Leadership Approach and Achievements: Oluwo shares his leadership journey, highlighting the challenges faced and the transformative initiatives undertaken since his enthronement. He emphasizes the redefinition of kingship as a position of service to humanity.

4- Media Presence and Positive Changes: Oluwo boasts of Iwo’s increased media presence and highlights positive changes, such as the establishment of the Federal College of Education, Iwo, and ongoing efforts to elevate it to a federal university.

5- Infrastructure Development: The speech mentions significant infrastructure projects, including the upgrading of Oluwo Township Stadium, the construction of a pavilion, an international museum, an arc of triumph, and road rehabilitation.

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10 Key Points of Oluwo's Annual Iwo Day Celebration Speech

6- Activation of Iwo’s Journey to Greatness: Oluwo declares the activation of Iwo’s journey to greatness and calls for unity and support from patriotic individuals to propel the town forward.

7- Assurance of Iwo’s Unstoppable Greatness: Regardless of differing opinions, Oluwo confidently assures that Iwo’s greatness is unstoppable and non-negotiable, urging unity and collaboration for the benefit of the community.

8- Investment Promotion: Oluwo urges people to view Iwo as a prime destination for investment and promises to continue working tirelessly on matters affecting the town’s development.

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9- Unity for Political Relevance: The speech emphasizes the importance of unity in Iwoland for political strength, urging citizens to register for voter’s cards and participate actively in political processes to secure political positions and dividends for the community.

10- Collective Responsibility for Political Representation: Oluwo encourages the massive registration of voters, particularly among Iwo’s diaspora, with the vision of producing a Governor for the state and even a President for the country, underscoring that this is a collective responsibility that starts now.

10 Key Points of Oluwo's Annual Iwo Day Celebration Speech

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