K1 Viral Video: Cultural & Monarch Disrespectful | By Rufai Adeniyi

In this video of the event took place at Offa where Mr. Wasiu Ayinde aka K1 bowed to greet Oba Elegushi and compliment him as “Ọga wa o” in his words.
He later further addressed Oluwo of Iwo land, Ọba Abdulerasheed Adewale Akanbi, Telu I, Alasẹ lori Oriṣa like a common street guy was not a stain on Oluwo but entire Iwo indigents and those that believe in the cultural value of Iwo Stool.
Well, maybe it’s due to their closeness and level of fraternization but the truth must be told, it’s very unwelcome and disrespectful to all Iwo sundries.
This made me resolve to say when one plays too much with the pigs so as not to be stained. he should not be surprised or disappointed for bathing in mud ‘ẹni ba fi ara ẹ si ipo ọwọ, àbùkù kò gbọ́dọ̀ kan án’.
On a serious note, may I appeal to all aggrieved Iwo descendants who see Wasiu Ayinde as a very arrogant and uncultured person to please leave him alone? The same Wasiu bowed and greeted Elegushi as Kusenla, in the same video with respect.
Ọba Rasheed Akanbi change to avoid any disrespectful act from people that can ridicule the stool!

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Iwo Kingship and her stool are too sacred to be toyed and stained with dirt. The cultural representation of the throne should be preserved.
He who lacks cultural value has no level of cultural respect as in the case of whoever is rude to a kingship stool.
We will await the action of the palace to frown at the ridiculous rudeness that was given to our king in the open and the king should make necessary adjustments as a matter of official duty.
God bless Iwo Sacred Stool, God bless Iwo and all true fearless voice of the ancient city of Iwo.


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