Iwoland Iwolokan Agenda

Exactly one year ago today (July 1st, 2018) was the day all son’s and daughters of Iwoland decided to come out of their shell to demand their rights in the political market of Osun state.

A protest cum a Press conference was held by the “Concerned Iwoland Youths for the Actualization of Iwolandlokan Agenda”  to demand an Iwoland son or daughter to be picked as Governorship candidate in the major political parties in the state.

The group which has now metamorphosed to be called Reformed Iwoland Political Movement (RIPM) decided to be at the frontline of the struggle to ensure an Iwoland son or daughter become the Governor of the state in 2018. Though the major target of the struggle was not achieved. However, a statement of intent was make, that henceforth, Iwoland will never continue to take the back bench in the politics of the state again.

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As a group, we want to thank everybody that was part of the struggle and believed in the cause till the end, without you, the success recorded might not have been achievable.

Iwolokan Agenda Struggle

Immense gratitude to all the media houses that helps to amplify our voice. We say thank you but we will still be needing you in no too distant time.
To the market women, artisans, political pressure groups, indigenous associations, student union and well-meaning individuals that were part of this struggle, we appreciate you.

We equally want to thank those who we call to be part of the struggle but the decline may be due to political, religious or communal interests they had. Your non-interest in the struggle made us fasten our belt and get us to where we are today.

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To every comrade that were part of this struggle, we appreciate your doggedness and commitment to the struggle for the political emancipation of our people, we want to let you know that there would be a convergence point very soon as the clamour for a Governor of an Iwoland extraction still continue and will not stop until we achieve our goals.

Thanks and God bless.
God bless Iwoland
God bless Osun state
and God bless Nigeria

Alhaji Nurudeen Emiloju
(Chairman RIPM)

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