Iwoland Will Produce the next Governor After Oyetola Second Term – Alh Gafari Alani

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Alhaji Alani Gafari popularly known as ‘Baba baba’ said Iwoland will get the ticket to produce the next governor after Gboyega Oyetola. The leader of the party in Iwo Federal Constituency made it known to the public a general meeting of the party.

Alhaji Gafari Alani said Iwo Federal Constituency will produce the next governor after the second term of Gboyega Oyetola. The APC party leader, Alh Gafari popularly known as “Baba baba” said Oyetola should be given the second term bid in order for Iwoland to have the chance to produce the next governor in Osun State.

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While speaking during a general meeting the party held at Iwo City Hall on Friday, September 18th 2020, Baba baba said the party at the state level would dare not ignore Iwoland by 2026 if Oyetola is given the second term chance to achieve the “Oyetola Leekan si”.

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In a general meeting where the former ADP governorship aspirant, Alh Moshood Adeoti, returned to the party.  Semiu Ayofe, Alh Yago, Alh Adeoti Moshood and others were at the general meeting.

Alhaji Gafari Alani, however, debunked the rumours that party leaders in Iwo have concluded plans to present Alh Moshood Adeoti as a Senate aspirant and Oriolowo as a governorship aspirant in 2022.

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Senator Oriolowo and Engr Oriolowo

Alhaji Gafari Alani said: “I greet my friend, a leader of the party, Alh Osuolale Adeoti. I welcome you back to the progressive party.

He continued: “A meeting held where I, Alh adeoti and other party leaders attended. We were only 6 people in that meeting. We had a discussion that did not last 30 minutes and resolved all issues. Political differences should not be a do or die affair. We have settled all differences between me and Alh Adeoti”

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“Surprisingly, some people among us here went to meet the governor to tell him that Alh Gafari has promised Adeoti that he will go for Senate and have concluded a plan to make Senator Oriolowo a Governor. No political position or appointment was discussed at the meeting at all. We told the party leaders in the meeting that Alh Adeoti is a must have element in APC party.”

While speaking on the chances of Iwoland to produce the next governor after Gboyega Oyetola, Alhaji Gafar Alani said they have had several meetings

Baba baba said: “Iwo Federal Constituency is the first to declare his support for the second term bid of Governor Oyetola. All the members of the party have that Oyetola should get the second term. If we didn’t support this administration now how will also Iwoland get the chance to produce the next governor in 2026?”

Iwo Symbol


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Alhaji continued: “Gboyega Oyetola should do his second term. After his second term, in 2026, we pray God to spare our lives till then Iwo will produce the governor by God’s grace. I am happy there are some people here that we had a meeting with Governor Oyetola a few weeks ago, we told him that his second chance in Iwoland has no objection.”

“We told governor Oyetola that in 2026 they should not think to go any other district or constituency than Iwo Federal Constituency. Iwo must be the one to produce the Governor after your second term. We have had 3 to 5 meetings on this Iwo must produce the next governor after the second term of Gboyega Oyetola. We would still keep talking about it. The party will not want to ignore Iwoland again. After Oyetola’s second term, Iwoland will produce the next governor.” He concluded.

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