Iwo to Osogbo Road
Iwo to Osogbo Road! Our Major Concern in this Administration | By Atanda Abeeb Lakwize

To whom it may concern.

It is time to walk the talk, Iwo to Osogbo road must be taken seriously. This road must be the priority for all concerned leaders, political office holders in Iwo Land by now. Beyond the political view, the impact of that route in generating IGR to both State capital and our local government can’t be denied. The situation of the road has stopped some people from getting their daily bread due to too inability to transport without getting sick or encounter problems.

The Iwo to Osogbo road links Osogbo with many other cities in the state. Examples are Iwo, Ede, Ikire, Ejigbo, Ogbagbaa, Bode Osi, etc. In addition, it links with Ibadan and many other parts of the Oyo state such as Oyo, Ogbomosho, Saki, Igbeti and a number of other cities. The economic and social benefit that this road has huge benefits for the development of the Osun State.

Our people have paid their due by showing undiluted loyalty to this current administration physically and spiritually. We urge party leaders from Iwo land to inform the Governor to fast track his action on rehabilitation of this road as part of his promise during the Governorship campaign.

If this administration can rehabilitate the Iwo to road Osogbo as promised. This will stop unwanted crime on this road and also it will convince people of Iwoland to have faith in this administration. Moreover, it will enlarge their trust coast in progressive Party.

Finally, it will be the joy of the Iwo people if this dream can come to reality. Though I know it is achievable but we need action now!

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