Iwo Students’ Union Leadership Tackles Politicians, Set for Massive Protest

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The leadership of Federation of Iwoland Students’ Union (FILSU) tackles elected politicians and office holders for the underdevelopment in Iwoland. The union says is ready to embark on a massive protest to liberate the land from poor leadership and bad governance.

In a memo signed by the leadership of FILSU in persons of Ismail Akinkunmi Iromini (President), Rt.Hon Adepoju Saheed Adewale (Speaker), Hon.Justice (Prince), Abdulmujeeb Abioye Tadese (Chief Justice) and Hon. Sodeeq Atanda (Chairman Electoral Commission), it says Iwoland is not progressing as a result of bad governance. The union lamented that the Iwo Local Chairmen and LCDAs have neglected the focal points that the land needs to bring growth and development in Iwoland.


FILSU leadership, however, gives elected politicians a 7-Day ultimatum to respond to their demands or they embark on a massive protest.

FILSU highlighted 10 demands that must be met. Read the memo as sent below;

Iwo Students' Union Leadership Tackles Politicians, Set for Massive Protest

“Sequel to our numerous appeals to your office lodging complaints over the financial hardship we are facing as a Student’s Body and the negative or no response from you, we hereby write this letter to your office giving you 7-days ultimatum to attend to our demands which are as follows:

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(1) Tangible or visible project for the youth and the citizens.

(2) Provision of needs for the people in the outskirts of Iwo.

3) Adequate recognition and funding of our activities.

4) Payment of annual bursary.

5) Empowerment Programme for the Youths, Women and Artisans.


6) Rehabilitation of Dilapidated Roads in the entire land leading to several accidents endangering the lives of the people.

7) Total intervention on Educational sector.

8) The sorry state of the High Court of Justice and the Magistrate Court in Iwo.

9. Adequate provision of good health care.

10. General good governance in Iwo.

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“Flowing from the above, we are demanding that you do the needful by responding positively to our previous appeals, letters, requests on behalf of the entire bonafide students of Iwoland whose firm mandate we hold dear as well as that of every citizens of Iwo.”

“It is pertinent to note that the Union as an indigenous Students’ Body, we have relentlessly tried all the possible best prior to this time requesting for financial assistance from the Local Governments in Iwo as it used to be in the past administrations. This is as of right as it has always been a practice and same is obtainable everywhere else.”

“Our counterparts in other towns and cities have testified to the numerous contributions made by the Local Governments in their jurisdictions but it is very saddening that it is only in Iwo that the Local Government Chairmen have blatantly neglected the welfare of students, youths and the general people in Iwoland.”

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Iwo Students' Union Leadership Tackles Politicians, Set for Massive Protest

“However, it is worthy of note that students and youth in Iwo contribute immensely to the IGR of the Local Government and the LCDA everyday and we as leadership of the Students’ Body swore to an oath to protect their interests and that we shall do.”

“In view of this, the 7-day ultimatum will lapse on the 24th day of August, 2020 after which more than 5000 students who have been at home since COVID-19 pandemic in Iwo will go ahead to hold the aforesaid public demonstration to speak loudly against misgovernance and address the press if you fail to yield to our demands and if all our requests thus far are not adequately treated.” The union concluded.

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