Iwo is not Kano, Oluwo is Irremovable - Ameer Ta'awun

The National leader of Jaamatul Ta’awun, Sheikh Dawood Imran Moolasan, says Iwo is not Kano, therefore, Oluwo of Iwoland, Oba Adewale Akanbi is irremovable.

Shekih Dawood Imran Moolasan during a solidarity visit to the palace of Oluwo said, the consiprators and plotters are just wasting their time that Oba AbdulRasheed Akanbi can’t be removed because he is loved by the people of Iwo.

The solidarity visit had massive turnout of number of people, chieftains, religious leaders, ruling houses in Iwo, Imams, CAN, artisans, Iyaloja and other stakeholders.

Sheikh Imran said the development and progress Iwo has witnessed under Oba Adewale Akanbi has never witnessed during the time of any Oluwo before.

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Iwo is not Kano, Oluwo is Irremovable - Ameer Ta'awun

Sheikh Dawood Imran Molaasan said; “Oluwo didn’t invite us here. We came to the palace to show our support to Oba Akanbi that we are with him. We want to show the world that people of Iwo love Oba AbdulRasheed and want him as our king.”

He continued: “In June 15, 2019 a coup was plotted to remove the president of Turkey but they failed, same way some people are planning to dethrobe Oluwo would fail. Oluwo that is loved by all.”

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Iwo is not Kano, Oluwo is Irremovable - Ameer Ta'awun

“The same Oluwo has brought development and progress to Iwoland. The first Oluwo to bring tertiary institution to Iwo. Oluwo that patches roads, Oluwo that brings fortune to Iwoland and many good things,”

The Ameer of Jamaatu Ta’awun, Sheikh Dawood Imran, said they will never relent in supporting Oluwo because he is projecting Iwoland to a better future. He furthered said the large size of people present here today has shown how people of Iwo love him.

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