It is Time Iwo Stands Against Her Enemies of Progress and Political Hypocrisy – Ameer Taawun

Iwo is not Kano, Oluwo is Irremovable - Ameer Taawun

Since time immemorial, people of Iwoland – Iwo, Ayedire and Ola–Oluwa Local Governments are known to be peace lovers and keepers. One can confidently say Iwoland is one of the most peaceful communities in Nigeria. But it is no more news that recently there was boundary dispute among the people of Ile-ogbo, Oke-Isaji and Asalu in which a life was lost and many injured.

Yoruba people would say “bi eni ti a nparo fun ko bamo, eni ti o n paro mo wipe iro ni oun npa” (if those being peddled with lies realize not, it is obvious to the one saying it).

One undeniable fact is that each of the three communities knows its boundary and the trio were made to settle on the land by Oluwo. So, nothing should have called for this dispute if not deliberate influence for particular gain by enemies of the land.

It is Time Iwo Stands Against Her Enemies of Progress and Political Hypocrisy - Ameer Taawun

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As an organization that stands on and believes in justice and truthfulness, we are using this medium to call on the Olu of Ileogbo, His Royal Highness, Oba Abeeb Adetoyese to stand on the path of truthfulness and righteousness. The Kabiyesi, you are aware that your boundary does not and will never extend to Oke-Isaji, let alone to Asalu Family layout. You need not go beyond your limit.

Oke-Isaji is a separate town from yours, and both of you were made to settle on different portions of land by Oluwo at different times. The Kabiyesi, I will enjoin you not to be deceived by anybody who might have been assuring you of or giving you supports on the issue; be it politicians or anyone. Because the end result might not be pleasant.

Kabiyesi Sir, do not be allowed to be used to perpetrate evils by those who have their own personal agenda on the matter. Do not be allowed to be emboldened on injustice. Do not forget that “bi idi ba baje, to nidi lo n da“. Maintain your boundary which is quite different from Oke-Isaji and Asalu parcels of land as no sensible sons, daughters and dwellers of such areas will allow you to change their history and unjustly take their land.

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We would have given the same admonition to the Basle of Oke-Isaji, Asalu and their people, but our findings show that they have not crossed their respective boundaries. They are only protecting their land from being snatched away from them. Notwithstanding, they should also fear Allah on the issue.

For Iwo people, you have to beware of the betrayers among you. Those who are ready to sell Iwo and her dignity for a penny. Instead of protecting Iwo from being ridiculed, they choose the path of betrayal to work against the progress of the town. We are watching you and history will never forget you. But before you become things of the past, Jama’atu Ta’awunil Muslimeen is ready to challenge, expose and stand against you so that your unborn generations will know what evils you have caused and perpetrated.

Among them are politicians and influential people within the community. They are enemies within and soon they will be exposed and put to shame.

Iwo is not Kano, Oluwo is Irremovable - Ameer Ta'awun

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Apart from the enemies within, there are those who pretend to be friends, the hypocrites, who are working against Iwo at the expense of its suburbs for financial gain or for certain reasons best known to them. They think we do not see them. We do, but we only want to give them little time to know if they will turn a new leaf.

Now, it is time to rise up against them all, not with arms but with our voting strength and every other legal means if they neither change not nor retrace their steps, with immediate effect.

It is time to take action against them to rescue Iwo from being continued to be oppressed and suppressed. It is time Iwo people show their political strength to get themselves out of this mess and unwarranted neglect and Jama’atu Ta’awunil Muslimeen will stand against any oppression against Iwo and her people, regardless of anyone involved, no matter how rich or high in status. They will all be exposed and dealt with by legal means, except they retrace their step.

Iwo is not Kano, Oluwo is Irremovable - Ameer Ta'awun

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Iwo should be given her deserved respect and attention. The Government has always been seeing Iwo as an easy ride and deliberately neglected her in terms of infrastructures as if we do not vote. Presently, we know what is happening in some other places, in terms of infrastructures as against what is happening in Iwo. We cannot continue to be watching this unbearable situation. We have to change things by ourselves so that Allah will change them for us.

Finally, let, anyone, working against Iwo, for one reason or the other, be it internal or external enemies desist now and retrace their steps, otherwise, such a person or persons will wear the mask of disgrace.

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Sheikh Daood Imran Molaasan

The National President Jamaat Taawunil Muslimeen

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