Iwo LG Chairmen Appeal, Promise to Meet FILSU Demands in 2 Months

The Iwo Local Government Chairmen have appealed to the leadership of Federation of Iwo Land Students’ Union (FILSU) not to embark on any protest as they promise to meet their demands.

The Iwo Local Government Chairman, Hon. Kamo Raji, in a meeting on Friday 21st August, 2020 has ensured the Iwo students’ leaders that the welfare of the union is one of their priorities.

Iwo Local Government

The meeting was held after the leadership of Federation of Iwoland Students’ Union (FILSU) promised to go on a massive protest as a result of poor governance, lack of funding the union’s activities and non-inclusion of youths in their plan.

Hon Kamo Raji and the representatives of 2 other LCDAs ensued for peace and mutual understanding with the union. Kamo Raji said Iwo Local Government is facing some financial challenges let alone fund a project above N200,000 in the community.

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Iwo LG Chairmen Appeal, Promise to Meet FILSU Demands in 2 Months

At the level of the meeting, some consensus was reached as way forward which are;

1. The Local Governments promised that there will be an improvement in general good governance.

2. They appealed to the Union that they should be given two (2) months ultimatum and collectively, the main Local Government and the two LCDAs will tangibly assist the Union financially.

3. The Local Government will formally and properly recognise the union and promised that the Students’ Union will always be aware and inclusive in their next actions and plans.

4. The Local Government will establish and tighten the collaboration between them and the Students’ Union.

5. The Local Government will see to the funding of the Union’s activities as their unwavering and steadfast responsibility.

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Iwo LG Chairmen Appeal, Promise to Meet FILSU Demands in 2 Months

While reacting and briefing Nigeria students in Iwoland the outcome of the meeting, Senator Iromini said as jointly agreed with other executive members, the union will put on hold to the protest and awaits the Iwo Local Government chairmen to fulfill their promises as the 2 months countdown begins now.

He said: “Sequel to this aforementioned resolution reached by both parties, the Union will put the protest on hold until the ultimatum the Local Governments appealed for lapses.”

“We appeal to the good people of Iwo and the students to keep calm as we believe we are all peacekeepers.”

He continued: “Subsequently, as we put the protest on hold pending the time, if peradventure the Local Government authorities fail to fulfil their promises, the pending public demonstration shall be unfolded with minimum delay.”

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“Progressively, the countdown begins today August 21st, 2020 and shall lapse on October 21st, 2020.”

“As we appreciate the FILSUITES and the general public for their support and cooperation, we beseech every concerned party to join us in the countdown.” He concluded.


The meeting was a well encompassing as the appropriate quarters were there to witness the deliberation. In attendance were;

1. The Local Government and LCDAs representatives.

2. The Leadership of the Union.

3. The Security Agencies (Police, Civil Defense, SSS and Area Commander).

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