Iwo-born Business Acumen, Alh Nurudeen Emiloju, Joins PDP in Osun

The Iwo born business acumen, Alhaji Nurudeen Emiloju, joins the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Osun.

Alh. Nurudeen Emiloju, a popular Iwo land mobiliser of youths in Iwoland and as well the CEO of N. Emiloju I.C. LTD has joined the People’s Democratic Party.


In a post revealed by the media director of PDP in Iwo local government on Wednesday evening October 20, 2021. Oladipupo Sefiu revealed that the business acumen has been unveiled as one of the members of the party.

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The media director of party in Iwo local government, Oladipupo Sefiu, described Alhaji Emiloju as the mover and shaker of Iwoland Youths as he welcomed him to the PDP family.

Alh. Nurudeen Emiloju

He said: “The Mover and Shaker of Iwoland Youths is here.”

“On behalf of all leaders and Members of People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Iwoland, I welcome Alh. Nurudeen Emiloju into the real progressive party.” The media director concluded.

Without a doubt, Alh Emiloju is not only a popular figure in Iwo Federal Constituency but a community developer.

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He was also one of the pioneers of the Iwolokan Agenda in 2018. Alh Emiloju has led and fought many battles in the cause to make Iwoland great. No doubt, this is a big fish for PDP in Iwo and Osun as a whole.

Iwolokan Agenda

Alhaji Nurudeen Emiloju is rumoured to contest for the House of Representatives of Iwo Federal Constituency in 2023. Will the Iwo born entrepreneur be given the ticket?

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