Interview: Meet Mariam Balogun, An Inspiring Female Entrepreneur of HMB Interior & Exterior Decoration

Interview: Meet Mariam Balogun, The Inspiring Female Entrepreneur of HMB Interior & Exterior Decoration

Iwoland Hub brings you an interesting interview with a wonderful Female entrepreneur in Iwoland. Mariam Balogun is not just a regular entrepreneur but also a super young lady so vast in what she is doing. She shared her experience so far and discussed how women can overcome the fear of starting a business.

Without talking too much, I believe that Mariam Balogun has great words for you and a lot to say about her career and brand.

You can’t afford to miss this amazing interview session with Mariam Balogun the CEO of HMB Interior & Exterior Decoration as she discussed the definition of success. She further explained and stated the problems facing entrepreneurship in Iwo land. Also, she proffers solutions to make it big as an entrepreneur from Iwoland.

Enjoy your time with our inspiring, awesome, creative and amazing entrepreneur of the month.

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Interview: Meet Mariam Balogun, The Inspiring Female Entrepreneur of HMB Interior & Exterior Decoration

QUESTION: Please, introduce yourself to our community. (Education, State of origin, family background, business, project or whatever you would like us to know about you).

ANSWER: I’m Azeez Maryam Bolatito, A native of Iwo Ile Balogun Afin Isale Oba ward 2. I started my primary school at Al-Huda Nursery and Primary school Iwo and later moved to Ta’ awunnu Nursery and Primary school to complete my primary education. I attended  L.A Commercial Grammar School Iwo where I obtained my SSCE Certificate.

Also, I attended Wolex Polytechnic to attain myOND certification which I studied Mass Communication as a course.

QUESTION: Tell us about your startup, HMB Interior & Exterior Decoration?

ANSWER: I started not so long but it takes me almost nothing less than two years to learn about the work here in Iwo which I later traveled to Lagos for further experience.

QUESTION: Why Interior & Exterior Decoration not tailoring, hairdressing and others? What inspired it?

ANSWER: Particularly, as an individual, I like to engage in new innovation aside normal and the old stuff that people are already familiar with. I’m inspired by the job because I’ve only seen a few ladies involved in this kind of job. While the majority of we ladies have occupied tailoring, hairdressing, and other petty jobs.

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QUESTION: What were your challenges starting the brand?

ANSWER: There are a lot of challenges I’ve faced in the process. One of which is time consumption, lack of accommodation in less developed location and the risk of life due to non-constant place of work which may demand that we sleep at the site, just to mention but few.

QUESTION: Do you have people working for you or you do it alone?

ANSWER: I’m capable to work alone, but at the same time it depends on the task and the time frame given by the client.

QUESTION: What sacrifices have you had to make to be where you are right now?

ANSWER: The huge sacrifice I made was that being a single mother I don’t have ample time to care for my child because of the large demand for the job but thanks to my family for being of help to me in this area.

In addition, I would like to advise all single and divorced mothers around not to see that as an excuse for not being upright and responsible but instead be resourceful and self-reliant.

QUESTION: What do you think are the solutions to problems facing women who are shy to do the interior & exterior decoration?

ANSWER: I will justify this particular question with the quote that says “Anyone that’s Always afraid of failure not to make a trial are bound to fail.

This one is not only for the ladies but the general public that you only learn how to succeed and survive by trial, not by negligence.

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QUESTION: What does entrepreneurship mean to you? Aside from interior & exterior decoration, do you have other things you do like selling products, having a business or brand, etc?

ANSWER: To me, entrepreneurship implies a sense of innovation and risk-taking for profit in business. Aside from Interior and Exterior Decorations, I also do picture frame, vest and cap printing, ID card, banner, sticker, nylon printing, etc.

QUESTION: What do you think are the major challenges as an entrepreneur in Nigeria?

ANSWER: The only major and salient challenges facing entrepreneurship in Nigeria is the capital to invest.

QUESTION: Have you met or worked for any famous or interesting personnel on your journey so far?

ANSWER: Recently, I had the opportunity to work in the office of the Commissioner for women and children affairs of the state of Osun. She loves it and vows to help us in connection with some other prominent people in the country.

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Interview: Meet Mariam Balogun, The Inspiring Female Entrepreneur of HMB Interior & Exterior Decoration

QUESTION: Lastly, we believe success is not a straight line. What do you think can motivate persons to achieve success in life?

ANSWER: In order to succeed in any business, firstly you have to focus on these 3Ps: Be more patient, professional and proactive.

Secondly, you should have a high tolerance for risk. If you don’t, clock in tomorrow. You have to believe in yourself. Many days all other elements of your business will let you down. If you can’t believe in yourself, there will be days when you won’t come back. You have to love working. You’ll never work harder than when you own a business.

Lastly,  Strategy and forecasting is also an important trait.

QUESTION: What are your contact and social media platform handles in case people want to reach you?

ANSWER: You can reach me on the handles below

WhatsApp: 07061090628, 07035428323

Facebook: @Hon.maryam Balogun

Instagram: @honmaryam…u


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