Incessant Social Media Attack On Ayedire South LCDA Chairman By Oluwasegun Ayobami Alabi - Here's The Reason For His Actions

The political atmosphere in Ayedire local government has always been calm and the office-holders therein have always been proven to be the best in their respective posts.

The recent attack by one Oluwashegun Ayobami Alabi on the Chairman, Ayedire South LCDA has called the attention of many political fans of Honorable Femi Okanola, and we have dived to know the exact reason. Mr Olusegun is recently recognised by various Ayedire indigenes for constantly attacking the Chairman, Femi Okanola and asserting that he would never retain the chairmanship seat the second time.

Incessant Social Media Attack On Ayedire South LCDA Chairman By Oluwasegun Ayobami Alabi - Here's The Reason For His Actions

In our recent research, Olusegun and Hon Femi were known to each other and have worked together in the past. But the reason for the sudden enmity is strange and our honest observations would follow.

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Hon Femi who has been a lover of APC before he joined politics used to spend money for the party whenever the need arose. He was quickly noticed by senior political members of Ayedire like Hon Leke popularly known as O’leke, thus, Hon Femi was supported by him and many to become the Chairman.

Immediately he was announced as the chairman of his LCDA, Hon Bola Abimbola presented Oluwashegun Ayobami Alabi to Hon Femi as a potential personal assistant (PA) which he reluctantly rejected.

A relative to Ayobami, Basorun Akanni welcomed Honorable Femi’s visit with Bola Abimbola at his office in Osogbo which Bola Akanbi used the opportunity to report Hon Femi that he had chosen a PA for him and rejected him outrightly.

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Surprisingly, Basorun Akanni supported the Chairman, Hon Femi and made it clear that the position of a PA is not to be forced in anyone, but to be chosen personally by the chairman as the position is delicate which means whoever should be picked should be trusted by the Chairman himself, and apparently, Hon Femi did not know him before.

Hon Femi from his good intention decided to be gifting Ayobami a sum of 20,000 naira monthly without doing anything to show the sign of loyalty and respect to the ones that brought him to the post of PA.

Hon Femi noted that he continued paying him the 20,000 monthly stipends till a particular time when he was going beyond his boundaries. He would call him that he heard the allocation is being paid so why is his money being delayed. The chairman reduced his money to 15,000 naira the following month and he went to do the unthinkable. He went ahead to beat council’s cashier in charge of the money, it took only the intervention of the chairman to plead to the officer not to take necessary legal action.

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Incessant Social Media Attack On Ayedire South LCDA Chairman By Oluwasegun Ayobami Alabi - Here's The Reason For His Actions

It is worthy of notice that the chairman heard his mother died and transferred a sum of money to him to come home from Osogbo but failed to. Aside from telling him lies that he was around for his mother’s demise, it took Hon Femi more time to realize he hasn’t been home for 10 years because of the rift he has with his father for a decade. This has led to his father putting a curse on him and all these were initially hidden from the chairman

He hasn’t come home to vote in 10 years and doesn’t even have voter’s card registered in any part of Ayedire LG. Alas, it was a perfect move for the chairman to have rejected him for the post of his personal assistant.

After getting the 15,000, he called to explain he’s no more interested as he claims people think he’s collecting huge money and there are many responsibilities on his shoulders.

Everything was going on well, they would meet in Osogbo and even had many nice moments together, unknowingly to the chairman the post of the PA he was denied still in his mind.

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He later called Hon Femi he would need his help in sponsoring some of his friends who are football players abroad. Hon Femi insisted he should provide all their details if they are from the Ayedire South LCDA, there wouldn’t be any issue sponsoring them overseas. He refused to send it probably because they are not from any part of Ayedire.

These are what ignited his hatred for the Chairman and resulted in many bad names he prints him daily.

To note that he just started criticizing the chairman speaks volumes. A government where you have been collecting money from, wine and dine with suddenly becomes your enemy overnight.

Hon Leke Ogunsola had warned him to resist doing the immature acts even though his words are harmless but some things should be addressed to correct the impressions of the people.

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