Igboho: Treat Tribal Clash as Insurgency, Ameer Urges FG

By Azeez Ridwan

The Ameer Jama’atu Ta’awunil Muslimeen has in his statement at Friday Jumuat Sermon urged the Federal Government of Nigeria not to take the nefarious activities of tribalists in Nigeria lightly or with a lefty hand.

Speaking at the sermon he explained that Tribal war entrepreneurs are ready to take any available steps towards achieving the detrimental agenda of disintegrating the Federal Republic of Nigeria, which he highlighted from the trending quit notice and the subsequent displacement of the Fulani by Sunday Adeyemo popularly known as Sunday Igboho in Oyo and Ogun State respectively.

He explained further, that the Yoruba Muslims frowns at such a dangerous move and that is never done in the interest of the majority of the Yoruba Populace. As no religion anywhere in the world would preach Tribal or ethnic violence of any kind. In fact, the Holy Prophet had in his saying castigate ethnicity and tribalism.

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“If Igboho and his cohorts had attacked the acclaimed Kidnappers in fact we will gladly join the league. However, those killed in reprisal by Igboho team were Innocent Fulanis, who were also a victim of the same incident of kidnapping and the evidence is everywhere. You can check BBC interview with Serikin Fulani of Igangan,” he said.

He also said to avert another civil war in Nigeria, the Federal Government should take drastic action towards arresting the ongoing rancour of Tribal supremacists towards discontinuing their agenda of disintegration in Nigeria.

“The Federal Government is expected to take a more drastic action than we are seeing to avert further reprisals by the Fulanis in the North,” he said.

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