Senator Oriolowo Commiserate with RABSIH IMEC Over Fire Incidence

The honourable member representing Ayedire/Iwo/Olaoluwa federal constituency, at the National Assembly, Hon. Amobi Yinusa Akintola has sympathised with RABSIH IMEC Nigeria Ltd over fire incidence.

The fire incident happened on Sunday, October 3, 2021 where some parts of the company were destroyed. Fortunately, the fire was suppressed with the help of the people and a swift reaction from the firefighter.

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In his message, Hon Amobi extended his sympathy to victims of the fire outbreak in the popular RABSIH IMEC enterprise in Iwo where at least properties and warehouses were burnt.

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In a statement released, Hon. Amobi was deeply saddened by the destruction of valuable goods and properties in the inferno.

Senator Oriolowo Commiserate with RABSIH IMEC Over Fire Incidence

He said: “I share in the pain and anguish of all hardworking families of Baba Fasasi, Mogaji, who lost their wares and belongings in the unfortunate fire incident.

“I prayed that may Almighty Allah replenish all their loses and rewards them more”. Hon. Amobi concluded.

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