History of Education in Iwo land


The source of orthodox Education in Iwo was, initially, primarily Christian Missionary based. These were mostly Baptist as each Baptist Church branch in the central city established a primary school of its own with the corresponding name after the branch:

  • Aipate Baptist Day School
  • Olukotu Baptist Day School
  • Feesu Baptist Day School
  • Oke-Odo Baptist Day School.

The Baptists also established a secondary school, Baptist High school, Iwo, the only institution in Iwo awarding Advanced Level of West African School Certificate in addition to the Ordinary Level certificate.

There was also a Baptist Modern school (now obsolete in Nigeria educational system) which now metamorphosed to Baptist Grammar school – awarding ordinary level certificates like other secondary schools.

History of Education in Iwo land

These in addition to the old Baptist College, a Teacher Training College, and one of the oldest of such in Africa and the main source of teachers to the Nigerian and other African countries Education system.

The College is now the site of Bowen University, the secular Baptist University, and the only University in Iwo and environment.

The Baptists were followed by the Methodist who had a Methodist Primary School in the central city, as well a Modern school, now United Methodist High School.

The Catholics had a Modern School, now Catholic Grammar School, and a Female Secondary School- St. Marys High School which is now a co-educational school.

The government later joined the Christian missionaries in establishing many primary schools, a Modern School, Local authority Modern School, now Local Authority Commercial Grammar School, a Teacher Training College, LATCO, later changed in 1964 to Iwo Grammar School.

Muslim missionaries also joined the efforts later in establishing:

  • Ansar-U-deen Primary School
  • Ansar-U-Deen Modern School which is now Ansar-U-deen Grammar School, and
  • Anwar-u-l-Islam Grammar School.

History of Education in Iwo land

Among the major secondary schools are:

Iwo Grammar School, the United Methodist High School, the Baptist High School, St. Mary’s High School, the L.A. Commercial Grammar School, Islahudeen Grammar School, and the Anwar-ul-Islam Grammar School as well as several others.

Iwo is well noted for Arabic/Islamic education. There are several Arabic schools (Modrassah) in the City. Moreover, many Iwo indigenes usually have a taste of this along with the secular schools.

The popular Modrassah include Islamic youth center (morkaz shabaab). This Modrassah was established by late Islamic scholar named Sheikh Ahmad Muhally Adedimeji Aroworeki, Islahudeen Arabic School, Obatedo, founded by late Sheikh Abdulbaaqi Muhammad in the early 60s.

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Amin Training Center, Araromi is another prominent school established by late Sheikh Badrudeen Al-Amin in the 50s.

There are many primary schools in the satellite towns established by the former Western Regional Government. Also, there are many secondary schools in Iwo and its satellite towns which were established during the tenure of Chief Bola Ige as the governor of the old Oyo State.

Higher Institutions

BOWEN University and Wolex Polytechnic, Baptist Teachers’ Training College which was located at Oke Odo in Iwo. Though this facility is now used as the campus of Bowen University.

Another institution in Iwo is Shariah College of Nigeria. This used to be in Ibadan before it was relocated to its permanent site at Oke-Afo, Iwo.

Among the major private secondary schools are Islamic Model College, Muslim International School, Agbaje Memorial Comprehensive College, Aipate Baptist School, Vico-Hope Comprehensive College, A1 Grammar School, Crowe Schools, Newton College, Regina Mundi Girls Secondary School, etc.


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